The Paper Bag Project
Marilyn Monroe 
I have been looking for the origin of the phrase "she's got such good style, she would look good in a paper bag".  I finally came across this interesting blog post on Marilyn Monroe
by Hailey on REBRN who says, 

"This shoot was part of a publicity stunt that referred to the phrase 'she'd look good in a potato sack', which was really common at the time. It referred to a woman so sexy it didn't matter what she wore, she would still turn heads."

As you can see, Marilyn's "sack" is more like a playsuit made out of potato sack fabric.

I don't know when the phrase morphed into 
"she's got such good style she would look good in a paper bag",
but today it definitely has more to do with the way a person dresses, rather than their looks.

Style:  it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it

The Paper Bag Project:  #1

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