Artist Manifesto

Artist Manifesto

1.  Have a willingness to change and be willing to be wrong

2.  Respect the experience of others and be willing to learn from their experience

3.  Travel.  Read.  Watch films.  Go to museums.  Get outside

4.  Take advantage of opportunities

5.  Reveal your true self.  Don’t embellish

6.  Do not make adjustments to self based on other people’s projections and views of who they believe you to be

7.  Follow the rules or break the rules depending on what is right  for you.  Rebel when necessary, obey when necessary

8.  Live an inspired life and express gratitude

9.  Think outside the box, but get inside the box if it helps you to find the solution to a problem

10.  Listen to the critics.  Don’t believe everything they say, but allow for the possibility that they will inspire you to move in a new direction

11.  Get feedback from those who know you well enough not to lie. After pondering their response, disagree with them if it doesn’t feel right.  Either way you will be inspired

12.  Never show works in progress if the end result is not about the process

13.  Put energy into strengthening your assets, rather than in trying to fix all of your shortcomings

14.  Let go of people and places that are holding you back.  Hold onto people and places that inspire you even if doing so is painful

15.  Network even when exhausted

16.  Fortify yourself by eating what gives you energy and maintain a consistent exercise and sleep schedule, especially when under the pressure of deadlines

17.  Don’t take on any projects you don’t want to do

18.  Do not allow your work to express judgment and criticism if you are just as culpable

19.  Express yourself to the fullest and reveal your deepest fears and emotions in your work

20.  Maintain clarity in concept.  Your art serves as a trigger, not a conundrum

21.  Bring prosperity to the arts by being successful

22.  Reveal your passion for love and life in your creative expression

23.  Allow your process to unfold

24.  Be culturally reflective

25.  Curate your own shows

26.  Cultivate relationships and collaborate

27.  Be a brand ambassador for your art

28.  Go with the flow and redirect the flow if necessary

29.  Find inspiration in everything

30.  Allow yourself to fail, for in failure lies the happy accident

31.  See your work from another perspective.  Push the envelope. Try it a different way

32.  Ask lots of questions

33.  Explore irony, metaphor, satire, symbolism, poetry, nature, the body, beauty, innovation, science, technology in your work

34.  Art is about self-discovery.  Allow art to bring you to a higher level of consciousness

35.  When life becomes difficult, find strength and inspiration in one who has gone before you

36.  Express yourself in writing

37.  Find meaning in everything

38.  Spend time with friends and loved ones.  Laugh

39.  If you are finding it hard to start, clean your desk