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Like many people who live and work in Los Angeles, I am here pursuing my dreams as a multihyphenate creative.  I am an artist, fashion designer, stylist, jewelry designer, actor and writer.  I am also a business innovation strategist with expertise in creative direction, concept development, and content creation, specializing in collaborative and independent projects in fashion, art and luxury. 

In my heart, I have always been on this path, 
but it wasn't until the financial crisis of 2008 
that I was forced to reexamine my life and change direction.
During that time, within one month, I lost everything:  my job, my home, my business.
I lost myself. 
For years, there was no relief.
As a single mom, it was terrifying.
One day, I signed up for a jewelry class.
The assignment was to make a ring, but I asked my teacher if I could create my own piece.
He encouraged me to go ahead with my own design.
I look back and realize that this was the defining moment for me.
The one that would set me on my path to becoming an artist.
I am so grateful to my teacher, James Kennedy

Here is the first piece of jewelry I ever made:
From there, it took several more years to get to the point
where I understood that if I wanted to get to where I could LIVE my dreams,
I would literally have to start over.
In 2012, I enrolled in The Savannah College of Art and Design
in Savannah, GA.  
I was the oldest person in my graduate program.

Up until that point I did not understand HOW to be an artist.
While in school, I slowly developed an artistic practice,
filled with inspiration and process, 
with concept and expression the only requirements.
I learned how to love mistakes and incorporate them into the finished pieces.
At SCAD, I became an artist, and I have never looked back.
In 2016, I graduated with a Masters in Jewelry + Objects 
and a Masters in Design Management.

I am a completely different person.
 I am becoming who I always dreamed of being in my work.
Here in LA, I am learning how to translate what I have learned into a living.
 My business is Art + Fashion 
When not in the studio, 
 I am honing my fashion design skills at the Academy of Couture Art here in LA

I love Los Angeles.
I am happy here.  
The sun shines brightly, everyone is friendly,
there is nature entwined in the urban...
I get to be a multihyphenate creative
and nobody blinks an eye

Never give up
follow your heart, it is everything
love with all of your might
Dreams DO come true
I am not interested in Big Data, patterns, algorithms, trends
I exist in the anomaly
It is my milieu
 You can reach me here:
monicaseggoslosangeles at gmail dot com

Please see my LinkedIn page for more information