Thank you for visiting my website
Like many people who live and work in Los Angeles,
 I am here making my dreams come true. 
I am a multi-hyphenate creative, 
building my Art + Fashion business from the ground up. 
In support of my self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem, 
I have developed my own business model
and accompanying business strategies. 
I am also a business innovation strategist 
with expertise in creative direction, 
concept development, and content creation,  
specializing in collaborative and independent projects
 in fashion, art and luxury.
In all my creative endeavors, 
inspiration comes in the form of mises-en-scène.
I am not interested in Big Data, patterns, algorithms, trends
I exist in the anomaly
It is my milieu
monicaseggoslosangeles at gmail dot com

Please see my LinkedIn for more information