Sustainability Misson + Vision Statements

Butterflies, bees, roses, lions, whales, oceans, mountains, forests, deserts, and the most resplendent of all:  human beings- all reflecting the majesty of Nature and Earth.   It is my mission to bring beauty, uniqueness, rarity and luxury to sustainable fashion, believing that the designs can stand on their own merit aesthetically while respecting our planet.

I believe that I can live out my dream of being a fashion designer and fulfill my passions in a way that supports the environmental, physical, social, cultural, economic and spiritual framework within which I exist.  I push my CREATIVITY to the limits, SHARE my point of view, and create VALUE-all with RESPECT to the past, present and future of planet Earth.  

  • CREATIVITY  - My collections consist of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, vintage clothing, and reconstructed pieces in fashion, jewelry and handbags.  I develop designs with unique concepts and interpretations and innovative uses of materials-a unique blend of technique, tradition, technology and sustainability.  I am operating outside the traditional fashion business model, with unrestricted production and distribution.  This allows me flexibility in creative expression, and I am able to respond to a constant flow of inspiration.

  • SHARE - I bring clarity to my process by sharing my story and point of view which has arisen from my own experiences. I share my research and knowledge. I practice transparency throughout the design process.  I offer my styling expertise to assist clients in adopting sustainable fashion into their wardrobe.

  • VALUE - I have developed a new fashion business model with accompanying business strategies to facilitate the creation of a viable and sustainable business that supports my point of view.  In addition, the business provides sustenance for me and supports my dreams and passions.  My collections are  historically referential, yet culturally reflective, with a focus on emotional aesthetics, sustainability and rarity which not only creates value for the product in today’s market, but enhances future value by creating emotional longevity. 

  • RESPECT - I am in awe of Nature and respect our planet Earth.   I understand that everyone will follow their own path to sustainability and will develop a different point of view than mine. Being Green is not a prerequisite for supporting my brand. I respect my own limitations, shortcomings, capabilities, and imperfections in my process.  I believe in leading a balanced life, always striving for more, but accepting where I am in the moment.  I take responsibility for my choices, and I stay true to the principles of sustainability to the best of my ability.