Grazie, Romano Lucacchini

Found this post today about my sculpting professor from when I studied
in Florence through the Syracuse University Study Abroad program.
I was an undergrad at St. Lawrence University, but was able to attend 
through an exchange.  It was a wonderful program, and Romano 
was my favorite professor.  He was incredibly encouraging and loved my work.
He took me on a special tour of The Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, 
where he was a professor.  I can't remember what stone I carved in, but 
it was very heavy.  A friend of mine who was traveling around Europe
brought it home in his backpack for me, and it won an honorable mention
at an exhibition at St. Lawrence.  At the end of the school year, I went to
pick up all my work and my art supplies, and everything had been stolen, including
the sculpture.  It upsets me to this day.

I have only made 2 stone sculptures since then, one which is owned 
by Robert H. von Kampen, 
and the other, Marshall Chambers, both of Nantucket.  

When I took my first class in jewelry making with my teacher,
James Kennedy, he gave me some tools and carving wax.  I was
astounded to discover how easy it was to carve compared to stone.

I still have all my tools, and
I dream of someday having a barn studio where I
can continue my stone carving without disturbing anyone.
(it is very loud!)

I am brokenhearted that Romano has passed and that it is too late
for me to tell him how grateful I am for all that he did for me.