Monica Seggos' Transdisciplinary Art practice focuses on building environments.  The primary objective is a synthesization of the individual elements to form a coherent whole that contains multiple layers of meaning in order to have maximum impact on the viewer. In addition, a performance component is developed to be able to interact with the viewer.  The viewer is just as important to the work as is the tableau-in fact, integral, inseparable. The works are not complete until the viewer participates in their existence. 

Each environment is a self-contained project with a distinctive concept.  For each project, she researches the concept, develops a narrative, translates it into a visual metaphor and introduces disruptive elements into a tableau. Building environments allows her to fully develop all aspects of the narrative and enables her to aggregate various mediums under one umbrella. She incorporates variations of sculpture, assemblage, mixed media, painting, photography, costume, video, wordplay, poetry, found objects, Olfactory Art, Post-Internet, and Body Adornment within the mise-en-scène.  The juxtaposition of contrary elements creates an engaging, immersive, interactive cabinet of curiosity. 

Transdisciplinary Art challenges Seggos to maintain consistency in her work while utilizing various mediums and modes of expression.  She thrives on pushing the boundaries of her creativity to the limit in order to experience being fully engaged in her process-body, mind, heart and soul.

Seggos' work is self as well as culturally reflective in an emotionally responsive and experiential way, dealing with the universality of the human condition, space and time, environment, memories, the metaphysical, transformation, automediality and relationship.

Seggos (New York, NY, 1965) is based in Los Angeles.  She studied at The Savannah College of Art and Design (2016).


my works are explorations.  self-portraits.  expressive of personal transformation and my inner spirit, fears, dreams and passions.  they are metaphors for my life and my relationship to nature, beauty and the universe.  my emotions, thoughts and feelings are transmuted through my work, which manifests a deeper, more heartfelt, level of consciousness.

it is alchemy.

my intention:  an invocation of sensory response, preferably intense and profound


Solo Exhibitions
The Broken Heart Repair Shop, Version 2: Love Is All There Is, Satellite Art Show, Miami, Art Basel Miami Beach, 2018
The Broken Heart Repair Shop, Version 1: The Doctor’s Office, Venice, CA, May 2018 

Self-Voyeur, StARTup Art Fair Los Angeles, Venice, CA, 2018
The Broken Heart Repair Shop, Version 1:  The Doctor’s Office, Leiminspace, LA, 2017
The Broken Heart Repair Shop, Version 1:  The Doctor’s Office, Savannah, GA, 2016 (June)
The Broken Heart Repair Shop, Version 1:  The Doctor’s Office, Savannah, GA, 2016 (May)
Ebb Tide, Byram Shubert Library, Greenwich, CT, 2014
tu me manques, Olivier Cave 3, SCAD Lacoste, Lacoste, France, 2014 
Heart Attack, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA, 2013
a Tisket, a Tasket, a Trinket, and a Casket, MA Final Exhibition, Fahm Hall,
          Savannah, GA, 2013

Group Exhibitions
Modern Love, juried, Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, GA
Tattoo Festival Exhibition, juried, The Butcher Gallery, Savannah, GA

Eco Art Installation, SCAD Lacoste, Lacoste, France
Eco Art Video Installation, SCAD Lacoste, Lacoste, France
Small Works, juried, Gutstein Gallery, SCAD, Savannah, GA

Live to Deliver, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA
Current, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA
Vegetable, A Cotton Lamb Story, juried, Sicky Nar Nar, Savannah,GA
SCAD Jewelry and Objects, juriedSCAD Museum of Art, Savannah, GA
SCAD Jewelry and Objects, juried, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA

The Alchemist, Startup Art Fair, San Francisco, CA, April 2018   
Flaming Heart, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA, 2013
The Alchemist, Fahm Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA, 2013
Renaissance Angel, tableau vivant, Telfair Academy, Savannah, GA, 2013

Curatorial Projects
2013 Current, Fahm Hall, Savannah, GA
2014 Eco Art Installation, SCAD Lacoste, Lacoste, France

2015-16       Dean’s Fellow, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
2014            Artist-in-Residence, SCAD Lacoste, France (Spring)
2014-15       Dean’s Fellow, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
2013-14       Dean’s Fellow, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
2012-13       Dean’s Fellow, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
2009            Artist-in-Residence, The Jumeirah Essex Hotel, NY, NY

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