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Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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Desire can't be negotiated
AJA Cortes
pax cordis
my friend

Me in @desiremohebzandi photographed by 
@_________robbie_________  at
@thenewsstandproject at 
@thehouseonsunset @creativeartpartners @stefansimchowitz 
curated by @injinashunshin

"He was the resonance of her heart,
the thunder that slipped through her veins..." LN

tho it is pouring
in LA
 the French doors are ajar
the fullness of the cool wet breeze 
wafting into my loft
the tires 
whispering through splashes
cuddled in cozy covers
every part of me 
filled with thoughts of
in the dark
so happy
artist unknown

word of the day
rain always makes nature glow

my dream house

good morning

that craving for a hug
I have had it before
I crave hugging that tree
even right now
I crave it
where I can hear your whispers 
is where I am

everyday on my walk,
I hug this tree
(luckily no one has seen me do it yet ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ)

Feather Stars
just show me your soul
your soul to me is worth more than gold
love is our raison d'รชtre
the question asked
on one's deathbed,
Why didn't I just choose love?"

every single one of us,
as human beings,
is confronted with a choice
during our lifetime

that choice is offered over and over and over again until love is chosen

or until death
spiritual beings, although made of love,
do not have hearts
we, as humans, 
of flesh and blood,
with hearts of gold, 
have love running through our veins
love is all there is
As a spiritual being,
we chose to become human,
to immerse ourselves
in a human experience,
for one reason only,

to experience love

until we become the light

I knew

all along
I've caught you
you are contagious
joy runs through my veins
I am so happy
I love being
"caressed by poet's words"

She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes...
Lord Byron
some girls are made of
Love is similar to fashion.
We can't survive without it
I told my friend Beverley about my plan to shoot and style
my own editorials
She offered me the use of her camera,
bought new for her by her husband in 1998
All I had to do was drive to Santa Monica
and pick up the camera from her son
It is a Nikon AF 8008
Look at all the lenses!!! 
It turned out that the batteries 
had exploded in the camera,
so it wasn't working. 
Today I took the camera to repairs
at Samy's Camera on Fairfax
The gentleman who helped me has worked at Samy's
for 26 years
He told me how unbelieveably lucky I am 
with the lenses
He said they are exactly the set (altho upgraded)
for his camera. 
Among them is a macro, a wide angle
and (the best of the set) a 105 2.5
which is used for portraiture
He cleaned out the battery case 
and got it working again
He said it is in excellent working condition
I am SO blessed
Thank you Beverley
I love you
I will make sure my fashion photography
is worthy of your gift
of loaning me your camera
And thank you
Samy's Camera
Every photographer I know and have worked with
In LA goes to Samy's
I am excited to be part of the family
my Welcome Home mat
is not at my door
it's in my heart
My secret garden is overflowing with love
(excuse the drive by photo!)

I (and the birdies)
wish you
a beautiful morning

Don't give up!
Keep going 
good morning
morning walk

once it would have taken months
to put together a fashion editorial,
from concept to location scouting, 
booking the model,
wardrobe, travel, 
shoot, developing the film, 
submitting for publication,
today it is literally possible 
to accomplish this all in one day
if you had to
It used to be that doing 
everything yourself was too stressful
Basically it was an impossibilty
because of the time factor
Now time has expanded
because the tools you need to create
have become extremely efficient
What I love about the world today
is that you can do whatever you want
You can live up to your potential
in every way you want
There are
so many inventions
that enable you to do 
everything yourself
Up to now,
my work as a stylist
has fulfilled the visions
of the photographers I have worked with

My styling work these past several years
has inspired me
not just for my styling,
but for my behind the scenes

I have decided that this year I am going focus
on having total creative control
of my work
by shooting and styling
my own editorials

I was inspired by a photographer
I worked with
Casie Wendel
who styles all her own shoots
The idea to both style and shoot
had been running through my brain,
but it wasn't until I met her
that I saw that it didn't just have to be an idea

Photography has always been
one of my primary hobbies
From now on,
it will no longer be a hobby
It will be a profession

I don't have a camera yet
nor do I completely understand lighting
I don't know how to use Photoshop

That has never stopped me before
and it won't stop me now

Most importantly,
I feel the feeling of rightness
that this is the way it's supposed to be

I love to take behind the scenes shots on set. 
The shots help me to see whether the look flatters the model on camera 
and whether the look fits into the overall story 
of the editorial that I have developed for the shoot. 
bts w @melzgold and @legend for @hufmagazine 
with MUA @makeupbylaurendaily 
styled by me @monicalosangeles

 Robert Browning wrote his future wife Elizabeth 
I love your verses with all my heart, dear Miss Barrett,” 
their “fresh strange music, the affluent language, 
the exquisite pathos and true new brave thought.

shining bright
live, love, laugh

Until you're ready to look foolish,
you'll never have the possibility
of being great

Art is an awakening
to your sensual side
Happy New Year!!
many blessings to all of you
for a joyful and prosperous
The Rebirth of Venus (The Storm Before the Calm)
He is gentle, as all real men are gentle; without tenderness, a man is uninteresting. 
Marlene Dietrich
I am reposting one of my favorite pictures
I just love the way he is cupping her in his hand
so sensual and loving at the same time

This is my year
I am really excited
about the New Year
(my breakout year ☺️)
I have gotten 
really awesome compliments
both from my art and in my fashion
about my storytelling abilities
I don't know anything about 
but I am sure I could learn
pretty quickly
in effect I would be doing
the creative direction,
set design,
and styling
for each shoot that I do
it is my goal in the next couple of months
to get myself a camera
so that I can start shooting my own editorials
I was so inspired by this photo by james Weber
in Broderson Backdrops
that I decided to animate it
Post Internet Art
Scheherazade Enters the Palace of the Sultan (27 December 18)

Go deep
He said
I did
Go deep
I said
He did
I said
He did
wherever I am
I can express where I am
How many layers does it take
to bridle your passion?

I will ask myself this question
when I am tempted to hide myself behind my clothing
I will ask myself
if I am willing to reveal
my unbridled passion

people will naturally assume the worst
one morning
welcome to the Thunderdome
just doing it

"Market share is interesting and important.
But what's more important is 'heart share,' the emotional connection."
Rick Caruso, The Grove
...once you have tasted the goodness of the honey,
one is far more likely to desire
to make friends with the bee. 
That was her gift. 
She filled you with words you didn't know were there