Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

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photo by John Ferris Robben

other things that are crystal clear
I love you
I miss you
ok, maybe I would change one thing
I would love more
every day, full of love and hope
and a knowing that it is all worth it
looking back
I can see that I had no concept
of what was to come
but even if I did know
I would do it all again
isolation is the gift
all others are a test of endurance
I know on the outside,
it appears that I have nothing
but in the fullness of my heart
lies the universe
what I have seen from this experience
is that I am an eternally hopeful spirit
loving and good, patient and kind
I can see I have become 
who I have always wanted to be
in so many ways
mostly in my heart
this past weekend
I began to clean out my laptop
I have had it since 2011
I have been ignoring
"Your disk is almost full"
for a while now
It turns out that most of my space
has been taken up by photos
48,900 to be exact
So I have been reliving my life
through transferring these photos
to an external hard drive
October 2015
Every artist should be on Instagram
Stefan Simchowitz
at ALAC, 30 Jan 2015

your true essence glows from within

can't wait to see everyone again
my Sunday mornings
curled up with my lion
even when only in my heart
I was allowed to feel
open to love
is like absorbing the warmth of the sun
 hold back?
so I can be on my deathbed with regrets?
no thanks

standing in line at FedEx
and the woman's phone
in front of me just announced
"Love is the only way"
(was not planning to be here at this time)

true for me
fashion stylist los angeles
sleep well
Jessica by TJ Manou
for Vogue Italia
Makeup by Lusine Galadjian
Styled by Me
there are a lot of renditions of this song
but for me there is only one
I had to overcome
a lot of self-hatred
and agony over things I had done

to be able to love myself
I found self forgiveness 
it took my lifetime
to be able to love myself
it was worth every
unloved moment
I love myself
as I want others
to love me
and I find myself to be
very lovable 
I love others
as I want to be loved.
Their true selves
as they are. 
my definition of hell
is to be
in a relationship
I do not wish to be alone
but more than that
I do not wish to be with another
without love
I chose love
every day
choose love
the stakes are higher
in love
there is much to be lost or gained
it is not a matter of perspective
it is a choice
installation art

my soul is hitched to a harp 
made of the rays of diamonds,
and when I hear the rich tones of your voice,
the harp starts its music
overwhelming me

another day in paradise

Robbie and me
The Louis Vuitton Travel Book Route 66
event in Santa Monica
installation art
interview by Christina Campodonico
on my upcoming installation
at the Venice Art Crawl
I feel that my body
is healing 
I am still very careful
about what I eat,
but I no longer feel as anxious as I have
every day I do my ballet,
I feel stronger and stronger
I feel happy 
my body feels happy
I sleep better
and overall
I feel so much healthier
fashion stylist los angeles
fashion stylist los angeles

for me,
styling is not about labels 

give me a garbage bag,
I will give you
an editorial
body adornment
Asternal (2013/4)
this piece is a collaboration with Li Huang that we did
at SCAD.  Li enameled the metal mesh heart that I formed,
and I added it to a previous piece I had made (the ribcage)
I miss my SCAD family
I love you
there is more pain
in withholding love
than there is in a broken heart
the heart wants
what the heart wants
you cannot control
let it flow
in, through and out from you
and give it to those
you love
photographed by Wayne Maser for Esquire Magazine
need one of these tartan jumpsuits
from the Garage Italia Ferrari Racing Team
worn by Lapo Elkann 
would that you could
in your arms
hold my hand
show me
the way
whatever you 
see whatever
you say
will I do
so I can let
of all that I 
to hold 
from all the love
I am to give
why must I feel 
so vulnerable 
after I express myself
to someone,
even if it is just reaching out
to say hello?

it's a beautiful day
the birds are happy
I am happy too

I looooooove bees
these made me so happy this morning
fashion stylist
fashion stylist
love these final edits of Krystall
by Jesse Dvorak
styled by me
performance art
Photo by Mido Lee of Mido Lee Productions
The Alchemist
performance piece
at The Startup Art Fair San Francisco
Saturday 28 April 2018
Installation Art
photo by Amruta Patil
The Broken Heart Repair Shop,
at the Venice Art Crawl,
Thursday, 17 May 2018
at Sunny Bak Studio
2214 Pacific Avenue, Venice

here is the video of my performance piece
The Alchemist
at the Startup Art Fair, San Francisco
(thank you to Robert for making sure 
I have documentation of my piece
and to Robbie for saving the video from deletion!)
words are art to me
I was so happy on my trip-it was so good for me to get away
fashion stylist
I bought this handbag on a visit to SF
back in 2005
my friend brought me to the shop
April in Paris
owned by Beatrice Amblard
She trained and worked at Hermès
before moving to the US and starting her own brand
I loved the idea of being able to order a 
one-of-a-kind bag made by an artisan 
of her talents and training
Coincidentally, during my visit
Beatrice was celebrating 
her 20th anniversary in business.
I was thrilled to be able to attend the event
Her studio is still on Clement St
but in a larger spot,
now with a school!
would love to go!
Bea's logo is the bee
I have one on my bag
we went up to Sebastopol
to visit my friend's antique ranch
so peaceful
I can't wait to visit again
no one was as happy as I 
to see a bathtub again
not to mention a 6 foot tub!
I actually floated
tell Matthew I sent you
an artist's hand deserves diamonds
jewelry designer
Harry Winston and Monica Seggos
jewelry designer
my first adventure in SF
was going downtown
with my friend to visit her favorite shops
our first stop was Harry Winston
This branch is their first in SF
We were welcomed with a red carpet
by Matthew
and encouraged to try on our favorite pieces.
When I tried on this beautiful watch,
Matthew said to do what I would do if
he wasn't there.
I said I would take selfies if you weren't here!
he said, "go ahead!!"
so I did!!