Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

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thank you for following along with me on my journey
follow me
there is a happy ending 
to every day

 it's time for her to move to where 
her desires can be fulfilled
where her inner light can shine
where she can become the one
she had always dreamed of being
to the place of happy endings
they brought me to where I am now
loving freely
 I never regret feeling my feelings
somebody told me 
I understand the forest behind the trees
 Art News, Los Angeles

Tod's Point, Greenwich, CT

metamorphosis of the heart

broken pieces encased in a pupa
on a hammock of silk
in the breeze
entwined within itself
until the emotion became
and burst forth
skipping and sparkling
like the sun
over water

if light is in your heart
you will find your way home

good morning Los Angeles
good night silvery sliver moon
today in the breeze
(photo by Susan of Circa 1700)
dinner at Speranza with friends
so wonderful to eat under the stars and the trees
by me
under the sliver
of a silvery moon
I love you

girls night out
(dancing shoes on)
kisses everyone 💋
my friends are visiting this week
from Miami and NYC
so fun to have guests
and to show them the LA that I love

It will be all right
I love you
good night
tonight's moon

what if

ready for a roadtrip!
I decided to put the wooden table and chairs out yesterday
so we would be able to eat outside on the roof deck
thinking, it will be all right, it never rains in LA
ha ha, it poured this morning!
Ranata Suzuki
he has it

"instead of the break "…diminishing [the bowl's] appeal, a new sense of its vitality and resilience raised appreciation to even greater heights." The bowl has become more beautiful for having been broken. The true life of the bowl "…began the moment it was dropped…"

"So it is not simply any mended object  that increases in its appreciation but…the gap between the vanity of pristine appearance and the fractured manifestation of mortal fate which deepens its appeal."

In other words, the proof of of its fragility and its resilience is what makes it beautiful."
tonight's sunset
I guess it's good that I have 
concrete feet
else I might get caught
in the whirlwind
Julien MacDonald, Spring 2018
I will take one please

I am grateful to my heart
for reminding me
of the knowingness that all that is happening
is for a reason
and that all I have to do is keep going 
to the point
where my perspective is looking at this as the past
and saying
"now I see 
I would not be where I am 
if I hadn't gone through 
what I went through"
I am grateful for the strength of my body
to withstand the stresses that am I going through
even as a little girl
my physical strength was out of proportion
to my size and appearance
I think it's because I am Greek
still slogging through the swampland
of the vortex
with concrete feet
the pressure remains extremely intense
but the knots are slowly unraveling
day by day

every last one
I am here
I love you just the way you are

good night
sweet dreams
the adventure begins
train travel in the 1800s
looks snug and cozy
I font you
you're my type
I have not been able to get this photograph out of my mind!  
The hair by Nicolas Jurnjack just blows me away-
the way it is styled blends seamlessly with the Louis Feraud Haute Couture gown 
worn by Ling Tan while at the same time having so much presence.  

Photo by Ruven Afendor for Vogue Deutschland  (90's Archive) 
Editor:  Edgar Otte
Makeup: Pascale Guichon   

Repost from @nicolasjurnjack  take a look at his gorgeous Instagram feed
IN THE HAIR: A Fashion Hairstylist's Journey of Creativity, 
his first book, was published in French and English in 2017
I would really love to see more from this editorial!!
Leila in the studio today
helping her with a new piece

the strength of her belief in him
the strength of her love for him
the strength of her understanding of him
the strength of her femininity
I am here
I have never abandoned you