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Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
follow me
it is not enough to dream about doing something
Just Do It

a glass harmonica is used in
by Camille Saint-Saëns



someone is watching over me

but now I am found
it was there all along, and
there's no place like home

news from Basel from Robbie

the imprint
of fireworks

lovely day in the canyon today
refreshing breeze
really at peace
I see you
the tree

(the eye of hugging tree)


love cat sitting this guy
had to stop by today to check on him
he's happiest when he's sleeping on me

I've been writing a lot of poems lately

door to the secret garden

I am distraught to see my favorite cactus so hacked up
it hurts

seems clear to me

shadow side
love the wispy clouds today

good morning ☀️🌴

I saw the man
and his big dogs again today
they are Italian Mastiffs
they were so affectionate
I fell in love
I am not really a dog person
more of a wild animal lover
but these dogs, I want to hug them
I hope I see them again


an early Bird

dreams come true


I like the silence next to you

Twitter is its own world

love the glow


there it is
the reason for the rain

I get it!

a "mistake" is never something
you have to look back on
to see where you went wrong

like in art,
it's a happy accident
that takes you in a completely
unplanned direction

the end result is something better
than you could have ever imagined 

your eyes
into my heart
to pluck 
the strings
that sing 
the music
only I
can feel

I'm glad to know this
I don't eat fast food, but after reading in depth 
I would in a pinch

vintage Covent Garden
I see you

loooove the frame ☝🏼

my new antique easel

under overcast skies and cool breezes
Memorial Day weekend in LA