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13 June 21 😭😭😭


Jocelyn Andersen

Laura Rowe, Earth, Tx

 my last one here. going out with a bang 


We've had June gloom all May. So nice to have a beautiful day 


I was asked to complete a survey by one of my favorite magazines: What is most damaging to our world right now? Would it be climate change, et al? No. None of the above. My write in answer: Cancel Culture. Cancel Culture is an extreme form of erasure. The rage is palpable. But what did you do? Did you really do what they said you did? It doesn't matter, because it is too late. 
You might be totally innocent. You may not even know why you have been cancelled. 

Even if you didn't do it, they can't go back and uncancel the cancel. You're deleted


 I wish I could take the warmth with me ☀️

I am consciously working on expanding my Environmental Art practice. The focus of Environmental Art is the artist's relationship with Nature.  I have been really struggling to find the words to describe my practice as well as consider its context within art history. I am just beginning to recognize that my work is a fusion of elements present in both Symbolism and Romanticism.  This is one of my favorite Romantic nature paintings, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich. I love that the wanderer exists within the work, because, for me, it means that the wanderer's point of view is being emphasized.

I also love the work of Ansel Adams. Although there are no figures in his photographs I find them to be just as evocative. 

While in Nature, I experience Stendahl Syndrome, and I want to convey this sense of awe in my work. Rather than attempting to influence or judge another or provide social commentary, I am merely sharing the deep love and respect I feel. I prefer to speak of the glory of nature, its astounding beauty and the emotions it evokes in me. To me, beauty is Nature’s greatest asset. 

Nature is my inspiration, and it reveals who I am in the work I create. From this perspective, I am claiming my individuality.



The Petrified Heart (inspired by the mousetrap below)




Alphonse Mucha 

 everything is art

2 dozen long stemmed red roses 10pm on my birthday. A beautiful way to end the night 🫀♥️🔥🌹still blooming over a week later! 

             Rock music can be so soothing sometimes 

 “Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking.”

Antonio Machado



 monicaseggosart @


 allow yourself to thrive in an imperfect version of life

 it truly is a happy ending, just as I knew it would be

Between Heaven and Earth


 Bring Them Home 


I hope that I will see the Marbles back in Athens before I die; 

but if they come back later I shall be reborn. Melina Mercouri 


Far away from their native land, the Parthenon Marbles have been situated at the British Museum for over 150 years. That certainly means that there are continuous negotiations between the Greek government, asking for their return, and the British government who, together with the Trustees of the British Museum, have refused to do this. Ian Swindale


You must understand what the Parthenon Marbles mean to us. They are our pride. They are our sacrifices. They are the supreme symbol of nobility. They are a tribute to democratic philosophy. They are our aspiration and our name. They are the essence of Greekness.  Melina Mercouri 

The request for the restitution of the Parthenon Marbles is not made by the Greek government in the name of the Greek nation or of Greek history. It is made in the name of the cultural heritage of the world and with the voice of the mutilated monument itself, that cries out for its marbles to be returned. Evangelos Venizelos, former Greek Minister of Culture 

 ma vie époustouflante 

Immense Journey in an Advanced Stage of Preparation (Text Deconstruction Results in a Self-Portrait from an Appropriation of Words)*

Having created the vision, begins to emit essence.
Its resonance comes to life, and it’s overwhelming.
Microscopically penetrable.
Harmoniously woven with interpenetrating levels, listening in to articulate, deep, tremulous, shimmering glows. 
Lush. Exuberant.
Inside, in front of, around, above, beneath, seething the silence of the vast, the light reveals the inner anatomy to the exterior.
High speed, high voltage, the light immerses in the luminous sonority.
A promise continuously emanating energy.
Enveloping. Enticing.
Prismatic awareness of the breaking down of frontiers, [surrendering] oneself to be [saturated] by its presence.
Silently. Mysteriously.
Attentively listening to its own articulate lines.

*1123…n Sensitive Images of the Space of Time by Bruno Corà from Mario MERZ at MOCA

and we shall


group show @leiminspace opens tonight


this day!!!!!

my Blue Moon has turned to Gold again


Have a very Merry all!


once again easing the strain 
of the pressure and isolation 
of the pandemic
80 degrees, sunny, & the scent of this gorgeous rose


Lord Naoshige said, "An ancestor's good or evil can be determined by the conduct of his descendants." A descendant should act in a way that will manifest the good in his ancestor and not the bad. This is filial piety. 

Yamamoto Tsunetomo --The Book of the Samurai 

 Amour. Grand vainqueur des vainqueurs

Still from drone footage of my performance piece
"Dear Sun, Thank You"
shot by Badir McCleary 


Portraits of Yesteryear
exhibition walk through and artist talk
with curator Badir McCleary 
and fellow artist Patrice Robinson


“Frida is the only example in the history of art of an artist who tore open her chest and heart to reveal the biological truth of her feelings. [She is] the only woman who has expressed in her work an art of the feelings, functions, and creative power of woman.”   Diego Rivera

Unmasqued (2020)


incredible evening in Los Angeles-warm and clear. So wonderful to be out and about



"Masks in Context: Beauty, Absurd and the Sublime"
with Professor Bryan Melillo and Joanna Ebenstein of Morbid Anatomy
and all the rest of the Maskateers


a bird's Sunday morning welcome


how many pictures does it take to get a selfie?

Yesteryear, curated by Badir McCleary, in virtual 3D on Kunstmatrix


Concrete Mask final project "Masks in Context:  Beauty, Absurd, and the Sublime" 


Robbie just got back from the east coast 
and promptly pulled this photo from March during the first lockdown,
telling me it's a good time for scones.
 I made the best blueberry ones today. And, darn!, I forgot to take pictures

If one loves the other really, one wants him to be free, not to put him on a leash like a dog.                       Marie-Louise von Franz                                                                   

Still from drone footage of my second performance piece, "Detoxification", shot by Badir McCleary

still from drone footage by Badir McCleary from my performance today 

 one man woman for a one woman man

God Bless America


The Departed is another great stress relieving movie 

It has the best revenge ending ever written 

William Monahan won an Oscar for his adaptation



I do not need to rewrite my history

I just need to remove its mask  

election stress reliever:

Jason Statham 

 this is it.  

this is the answer. 

it has always been the answer.

 "eros cannot live without philia...  Philia is the relaxation in the
presence of the beloved which accepts the other's being as being; it
is simply liking to be with the other, liking to rest with the other,
liking the rhythm of the walk, the voice, the whole being of the
other...Philia does not require that we do anything for the beloved
except accept him, be with him, and enjoy him."  

Rollo May


Maybe these are a little more immersive. 
Have a look around 

Metamorphosis (digitally transformed paper collage) 2020
Within the deepest of woods, 
amongst the moss draped rocks and trees adorned with the odor of fungus and dank,
there hangs a chrysalis.
The chrysalis fractures, 
breaking the silence that echoes with the music of descending drops of rain. 
The air fills with a waft of bergamot and ylang ylang, 
merged with the tang of blood, 
and falls, melding with the scent of the woods.
The rebirth disseminates on the back of the moisture laden air
 and blankets the terrain.

Exploring how to bring emotions and presence to absence 
with visuals and words over the ether 
in an attempt to make this an immersive experience 
 (like my physical installations). 
All the collages I've been making are studies. 
It's not how they look or present as art. 
Instead I'm inviting you to feel the wonder of being in that space
as if it were real.


On Olfactory Art

Smell Manifesto by Guy Bleus, 1978




finished my first screenplay ever tonight


What does it mean to give oneself over to pleasure in dress without compromise?  Chris Breward

Memories, Dreams and Relections (6 October 20) Digital collage over paper collage

Based on a dream I had as a child-a dream about an incredible sculptress living in Victorian or Edwardian London who achieved acclaim for her work. When they found out she was crippled (the word used in my dream) in her right leg, she was abandoned. She spent the rest of her life living under a bridge in the city. Years later, when I saw the movie "Camille Claudel" I was traumatized. I felt I had experienced the life of the sculptress in my dream through watching the film. 

For @morbidanatomy class, The Archaeology of the Self: with Artist Eleanor Crook

Gallery of Childhood Things

I included Dali, because my father had this incredible Dali art book
At 7/8 I didn't understand the work but found it mesmerizing
The reclining nude represents my Greek heritage
as well as my father's stone sculptures that inspired me
The rest of the art is mine I made in my childhood

for my Archaeology of the Self class
at Morbid Anatomy with Eleanor Crook


My Love (2020) Peep Show