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Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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A 6.0 earthquake still on the forecast
from LA Basin to San Diego
through until Monday morning
Hoping for a release towards the East
which would lessen the impact
I am not leaving

it will be all about healing
the art in the upcoming version
will be very joyful
my upcoming installation in Miami,
The Broken Heart Repair Shop,
will be a new version

the first version is called
 The Doctor's Office

v 2 is called
A Clean Bill of Health

Post-Internet Art
Always on My Mind (Le Principe du Plaisir)
14 Nov 2018
6.0 earthquake
forecast for LA Basin to San Diego

This show is dedicated to Curator Katie Gass who brought me down to Art Basel for the first time in 2009 (I think!) and who taught me that art was what I wanted it to be. This visit and subsequent ABMB visits were one of the catalysts for enrolling in The Savannah College of Art and Design

This installation was conceived of and shown twice during my last quarter at SCAD. I credit my fellow students and my professor Lanelle Keyes who participated in my installation and showed me the value of my work and SCAD President Paula Wallace for changing people's lives with her amazing school.

Here I am coming full circle. I am over the moon about the opportunity to be able to return to Miami with my own installation.  Thank you Brian Whiteley of Satellite Art Show for making this possible.

(I have also shown this installation in Los Angeles with Schelsey of @leiminspace , my first show here in LA❤️ and in Venice with Sunny Bak. I am very grateful to you both! And a shout out Ray Beldner of Startup Art Fair)

I can't go without expressing my gratitude to my son Robbie , my mom, and my friends Beverley and Holly who never stopped believing me and to Rebecca Gardner who first introduced me to SCAD and to Laura Lane McKinnon for all her support while I was in Savannah and much more.

And to you.

I know this sounds like an Oscar speech, but I am not able to take credit for getting here on my own.

installation art
photograph by Amruta Patil
Announcing my installation,
The Broken Heart Repair Shop
at The Satellite Show
Art Basel Miami Beach
December 6-9, 2018
Come see Nurse Monica
for a consultation!
I look forward to seeing you there ❤️
(I previously announced my other installation
for this show, but the logistics of the concept
were making it impossible!)

you are never alone
The best indicator in LA 
that it's who you know, 
not what you know:
 no college stickers on anyone's car
Daymond John
The Power of Broke
feeling joyful
is erotic
Angela Lauria

I love the way he speaks to heru
Go Beto!

Because a man needs his heart
welcomed to be my freest self
til the end of time

fashion stylist Los Angeles

fashion stylist Los Angeles

fashion stylist Los Angeles
got the tear sheets from Maximum Vengeance
for Elegant Magazine
here are my favorite shots
of Yuliia by Stephania Campos

there's no person, like my home
I expend no energy
being Me
as I Am

totally stripped
baring my soul
my naked heart
in surrendering all
I will be able to
the I Am
and therefore
I am no longer
I am the She
I want to be
the She
I Am

I am completely devoid,
bereft of.
of any further
machination or manipulation
 Nothing left.
I give it all up to you God
Because I can't MAKE it happen
I have tried everything else but
in my exhaustion
I see
the only option
is to go forward into
the utter annihilation
of stepping into the void
there is nothing left
but the inevitability 
of surrendering to my creativity
and allowing the Universe to support me
there is nothing left in front of me on my path
the inexorable demand
to surrender
there is nothing left to try
I have tried
if I want to stay well
the only option I have
is complete surrender
not even a want
or a desire
an assumption that I know
what is best for me
no metaphysical manipulation
in exhaustion
there is nothing left for me to try
nothing more for me to force to happen
no assumption of what will make it all work
left for me to adopt
to receive
the download of energy
from the Universe
that supports the presentation
of my project
I want it to feel like
my face is to the sun
and all I have to do
is absorb the rays

I am terrified about being able to stay
well for my art show
I want to have a different experience
than the one I had in Venice
at the beginning of the year
I want to experience
vitality in tandem
with creative expression
to feel invigorated
while presenting my work
Listen to the Light
John S Niendorff
I have learned that the Universe is reliable
I trust in it
Therefore, I surrender to it

we've been conditioned to not make mistakes
but I can't live that way
release your inhibitions
no one else can speak the words on your lips
live you your life wide open
today is where your book begins
the rest is still unwritten

at Satellite Art Show
Miami, 6-9 December 2018
installation art
each artist exhibits in a shipping container

my niece Lily sent me Flat Stanley
to take on some adventures
here we are about to leave for a party
at The House on Sunset
full moon over LA from Laurel Canyon
love this
you just know
Dustin speaking my language
my kind of pool
And the day came 
when the risk to remain tight in a bud 
was more painful than
the risk it took to blossom.
AnaΓ―s Nin
I just updated my styling website today
My portfolio is filled with published work!
I am so pleased
Take a look at
Monica Los Angeles 
(link in sidebar)
thank you!! πŸ™‹πŸ»❤️
sometimes you need to make
the commitment of all commitments
to discover what it is you really want
fashion stylist los angeles
our editorial made the front and back covers and inside page
(in addition to the full editorial in the magazine)
fashion stylist los angeles
Maximum Vengence on the cover of October @elegantmagazine 
photographed by Stephania Campos @stephania_photo 
featuring model Yuliia Kurochka @yuliia_kurochka 
styled by me Monica Seggos @monicalosangeles
he knew all along
(from the beginning)
that she loved him
he knows now 
(in this moment)
that she loves him still
(more than anyone else in the world)
always holding 
in the deepest part
of her being
that more than anything
in the world
he needs
and wants
her love

in that moment
of being seen as
he placed his heart
in her hands
for safekeeping
she has been 
tending to it 
with love 
in reverence
ever since
the unbearable 
of being seen
the he that is
until she held up the mirror
to show him
his magnificence
his beauty
and that was 
the most traumatic
of all
the inability
of those who cared for him
to love him for 
lead him to believe
that as he was
was unloveable
and self-erasure
were chosen
as self-protective
the trauma
of being unable to see
in someone else's eyes
as a result
he questioned
whether he existed at all
through her creative expression
he feels the depth of her love
for him
so even if he cannot hold on
to the truth of seeing 
through her eyes
 he feels the truth
he sees the truth
in the manifestation
of her creative expression

the exhaustion
of looking through
another's eyes to see
and seeing only a 
the self
that person wants him to be
the he that is
not him

he saw himself
through the eyes of her love
and was reborn
into him
it took her
loving him as
for him to see
that he was always
the he
he wanted everyone to see
there is no guessing
no having to morph
into an ideal
to prove worth and value
there is only him
loved for who he really is
who he has always been

seeing himself through
her eyes
allows him to feel loved
and be loved
because he IS love

Gabriel de Cool 1895
unlike this painting,
he is her muse
connecting her with her creativity 
and femininity 
which manifests in her essence
and reflects back to him 
when he looks at her
and feels love,
he is not just loving her
he is loving the he that she sees
mine that is

Earthquake warning for California
for the upcoming week
I have been watching these forecasts
for about 6 months
and they are spot on
Please pass this on to anyone you know
in these areas
sometimes you send an email
knowing the only one that is going to read it
is Google

Just Published in Volant Magazine
The Anatomist
photographer Legend
model Olga
MUAH Teal Druda
Lighting Michael Anaya
Creative Direction, Set Design and Styling
by Me :)
pump up the volume
do it
strike it up
now that we found love
what are we going to do?
current mood
getting ready
Mei Lee by David Parry
have so much going on, with my hands moving so fast 
feeling like an octopus
Fear Nothing
 I won this new pair of Neuw jeans last night
 Flaunt Magazine/Neuw party
 at Madame Siam's in Hollywood
had to get the balls in the eyes of this carnival game
but the devil invented me
so unforgettable you can taste me
keep going
follow your dreams
no matter what
it has happened to me
do you know what the best thing is about
unconditional love?
it is
intensely intimate
"to know true freedom
within a secure relationship"
to be myself with the one
who trusts me completely
I am very excited to announce
that I will be exhibiting
at The Satellite Show
during Art Basel Miami Beach
this December
I grok you
I am here
in my dream
have some very exciting news
I have to sit on it until next week
but I can't wait to announce it!
behind the scenes
at today's shoot with photographer Legend
and model, Bekah Martinez
7 minutes a day
cannot believe that these trees are in full bloom
all over Los Angeles in October
so beautiful