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8 full military trucks
+ 2 fire trucks
driving up Sunset Plaza Drive
@ 5:55am?
Two blasts
6:02 and 6:03?

West Hollywood?
good morning 

Paris will come before London
in the presence of

if I would have known what would happen,
I would have done a time lapse
beautiful nonetheless

another one
felt this one underneath my feet 
overlooking the sunrise

watching it roll in at the song of the birds 

nights are overrated

morning mist at the high tide line

on my walk
everyone is awake in the neighbourhood
this morning after that jolt 

good morning

no, this little rascal is not kissing my sculpture,
he's eating it!

Saya and Cleopatra
by Mithun H

The Secret Garden
(I made this for my friend for his birthday)

First I experience an intense feeling,
which gradually becomes more concrete
and urges me to give it plastic shape. 
Then I proceed to plan and design. 
At last when it comes to execution,
I once more abandon myself to feeling,
which may prompt me to modify the plan. 

what could be more beautiful
than a quiet cool night
in the hills of Los Angeles 
Good morning LA

today nothing was going right with the collage
I kept walking away from it
I kept going back to it
I was sure that I was not going to like it
But I do

today's pages
For me, collage is not art. It is an entheogen.
This is the Dream I Dreamed (2020)

Like a Mantel of a Thousand Wings (2020)

 this really cracked me up this morning 
ever since Robbie moved up here,
there has been a battle between the owner 
and everyone who wants to experience the overview of the city
at this height
It really is beautiful at any time of the day, but especially at night
The owner is constantly replacing the fencing
Right before the 4th, it was completely replaced
But here we are again!  
It makes me happy to see the couch
The only drawback is that there is always trash
I wish there was a garbage can there,
but the fact is, it would never get emptied
this is end of what used to be the old
Hollywood Boulevard
I'm sure it has been a lookout point all this time

lyrique et rêveuse

“Gastronomy is the art of using food to create. happiness.”

Théodore Zeldin
Stepping Into My Body 
(Collage on Paper/Digitally Manipulated, acrylic) 2020

today's class
slowly I'm starting to understand how to draw
for some reason my brain has a hard time with perspective 
(and the figure!)

reminds me of this book

when I got back from my walk this morning
there was a shredded piece of plastic on the floor
I will have to close the doors behind me from now on
always watching to see what's going on

humidity hanging over the view

Paul Stamets
an absolute must see

Love these scribbled sentences by Picasso
inspiration for my scrapbook

I love when the driveway is empty at my favorite house
along the walk

work desk

another beautiful morning

comic book artist
Jim Balint does it better

for my comic drawing class

early morning songs 

Venus & The Moon
at the beginning of my walk the other day
back home

the ultimate studio in an old mill 
my old stomping ground
in The Berkshires
from Cool is Everywhere
by Marnaud

he's always getting his paws into something!

early morning walks
friends along the way

Robbie is having a great summer
on Nantucket with his dad, his sister and the kids

I got an email this morning from Nick Knight about
the fashion film he made for Galliano's 
Margiela couture show
The inspiration, the clothing, the film.
It's on YouTube but I'm not able to post it here 
try this link
at first I felt incredibly discouraged!
Working on my first collection and the inspiration is very similar!
(At least the X-ray look)
Even more ironic is that the gown I was inspired by 
is a vintage Galliano!
the x-rays are of fashions from the V&A collection
and are by Nick Veasey

Instead of feeling discouraged, I will proceed,
realizing that I've still got it
(my finger on the pulse)
It is simply