Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

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thank you for following along with me on my journey
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The courage of my heart was given to me 
by the lionheartedness of you

All that you are to me, 
is me.
My life is a manifestation of all that you gave me.   
All the joy, the bliss, my love for you, transmuted.  
 I am the embodiment of all the love that is you
on my Twitter feed today
Digital Art
If a heart an egg is broken by an outside force, 
life ends. 
If broken by an inside force, 
life begins. 
Great things always begin from the inside 
Jim Kwik
“I have three rules to live by.
 One, get your work done. 
If that doesn’t work, shut up and drink your gin. 
And when all else fails, run like hell!” 
Ray Bradbury

just finished the submission!
good night Los Angeles
my eyes hurt from looking at the computer
and focusing on writing
I am not sleeping well because of looking 
at the monitor so much
vicious circle!!
I have submitted 11 proposals
in the past 3 weeks,
working on #12 right now.
have 4 more to do in the next week

installation art
Yoko quote from @_nitch Instagram
creativity eases and soothes
Yoko quote from @_nitch Instagram
I have been so busy,
my room is not the way I wish my mind to be
my latest submission #its
installation art
installation art
installation art
breach included data on childhood trauma
worth remembering
Design Management is facilitating the process of
ideation through adoption of radical invention
dance your heart out
letting my heart speak
with my body

freeing my spirit
liberating my body
so that I can soar

the feeling of freedom
that I felt with you
will unfold again
within my body
as it lengthens
and stretches
and becomes lithe again
I feel I will 
access a deep level
of joy through this body work
the best part of 
the ballet classes
is that my body has the memory
of strength and flexibility
so when I do the exercises
I feel the memory
of the strength and flexibility
it is very empowering

installation art
all my body parts
are made of hearts
I am so excited
I thought to myself yesterday,
if there is a 7 minute workout app
there must be a ballet workout app.
I didn't find one,
but I found
Flik and Victoria 
of Sleek Technique
on YouTube
so I did my first ballet workout today!
so looking forward to 
being flexible again
yes, I was lion around this morning for an hour
but am at it again
I love that I love what I do
your shadow side is full of light
fashion stylist
Just listened to the Business of Fashion
podcast interview with Nick Knight
on fashion film and image making
Highly recommend
installation art
installation art

installation art
installation art
on the way to sushi night in Little Tokyo
installation art
Runyon Canyon
sometimes there are clouds in LA
yes, because when she adores you,
you get to be yourself
because that is who she loves
the real you
yes, I would take that bite
all over again
I never want to go back 
to the innocence of not knowing you
 I never conceived of something like this
but now that I see it,
I know how useful it would be to me!!
I will take one for next to my bed
and one for my work area
(with wheels so I can move it around
from area to area)

fashion stylist
from Business of Fashion, What Makes a Great Stylist?
not just a stylist
current mood
jetlagged from the time change

installation art
a Tisket, a Tasket, a Trinket and a Casket
my installations
are three dimensional 
I will be in the feeling the words elicit
I will love you
until the salt leaves the sea
Erin Van Vuren
listened to this podcast interview
with Jerry Saltz
it was very good
highly recommend
I got a lot done today
in this rain
plus lots more personal writing
lying in bed reading
listening to the steady pattering rain
above me in my loft
it feels comforting to me
in the nest
of my treehouse
my heart is so big,
I can't see where I am going
but that is ok
it will show me the way
it's bigger than I am
yep, that's where I always find you
in my heart
full to bursting
my heart so big
so full of love
you know that game
where the closer you get
to the hidden object
the Hotter you are?
well my heart is like that
right now. 
it swelled up
so full of love for you
because it felt like you were near
just bursting!!

(I will post pictures when I get home
or in the morning. 
I can't figure out
how to post from my phone)
The past two shoots with TJ Manou, I pulled shoes
from shoe designer Annie Mummaw. 
She is a fellow Savannah College of Art and Design alum. 
But we didn't meet each other at SCAD. 
I found her on Instagram! 
I fell in love with her work 
and saw she was based in LA. 
All I had to do was wait for the perfect shoot. 
stylist los angeles
behind the scenes, Bellsaint in Annie's boots
fashion stylist la
Maya in Annie's blue booties

I am sitting on some great news
but I can't share until it's
a done deal!!!
last night I felt like you were here
you blow me away
fashion stylist los angeles
(I was so lucky to have been part of
my favorite Ralph Lauren Collection
Spring 2007
I will never forget it
Thank you to Daniela and her team)

stylist los angeles
just published
Maya by TJ Manou
for Elegant Magazine
styled by me
you will know why
fierce on the outside
tender on the inside
Carstian Luyckx Memento Mori still life 1623
I look forward
to the green
that's what's happening here
with all the work I am doing
I am planting a lot of seeds
it's just a matter of time
before they sprout
I feel like
I am planting a huge garden
from seed
I used to do our vegetable garden
as a kid
my dad let met order all the seeds
from the Gurney's catalogue
I started seedlings indoors
(or not)
turned the soil,
laid out the garden,
watered and weeded
then everything grew!!
putting the effort into
pouring my words onto the page
is like getting a huge 
influx of cash
the writing is crucial
keeping up to date with my website
alone takes a lot of time
but there have been 
sugnificant rewards
for doing so
I finally feel that 
my creative output
is at the level it was
I need to balance
it a little
so that I am doing more 
art and fashion design
right now I am 
focused heavily on the writing
there are a lot of
interesting opportunities
out there
I am applying to
quite a few of them
the best part is that 
I feel really great afterwards
I also submitted an application
to another art show
I am so glad I love to write
I am getting used to
the different language needed
for submissions
so much for getting to 
a coffee shop yesterday!
instead I had a meeting
with another creative
we are collaborating on a project
to bring a one-of-a-kind
jewelry collections onto
her online space
Monica Seggos
Body Adornment
I think the easiest thing to do
is to start going to coffee shops
Day 1 tomorrow

surpassing estimates
outperforming at auctions globally
I am sure the auction houses are aware
of the draw of this subject matter
in the City of Angels
the glow of love
flows from me 
up in my tree house
it's just a matter of allowing 
the bioluminescence
to be expressed
when I am
on the ground
I have already started
rewriting my business plan
to be ready for any opportunity
I want what I feel on the inside
the love of self
the joy
the happy
of the remembered bliss
I want it to glow through my skin
I want that to live  
that me that I have become 
in my heart


luckily, I already have my exercise regimen
but I think I will start to add stretching
I was always extremely flexible
it would be nice to be back in 
that body again
like a cat
this is sounding like a makeover
I have never had one before!
I am happy with my hair
but I think I need to
get some expert advice
on how to create different looks
for different occasions
...or even different looks
for occasions when I see the same people
I don't know much about wearing makeup
I will go get some lessons
so I can go out looking like my best self
the first thing to wear
is perfume
that is the poetry
the mystery
the metaphor
the first piece of jewelry I put on
the invisible adornment
everything else after that
is icing
I will sell what no longer
appeals to my new self
the first thing I need to do
is go through all my clothing
and organize my closet
so I can pull something
quickly and get dressed in 5 minutes
for an event
I am recognizing
that it is time for me 
to really start getting out there
and meeting people
so much happened for me
at the art fair
I want to keep the momentum going
playing now
reminds me of you
desire is
one of the greatest gifts
the feminine can receive
from the masculine
it is one of the purest gifts
because it can
be feigned
one of the gifts of the masculine
is desire
to respond to this desire
is to receive his gift
thoughts on my walk to the post office:
the ability to receive
that is the feminine, right?
the ability to receive
the masculine,
in all his glory
to accept
the gifts that he has given
and by accepting
the gifts
in her femininity,
mirroring back to him
the beauty of his being
it was bad enough
that our sons and daughters
were being sent overseas 
to die in wars not of our making
now our children
are dying on our on shores
in numbers that rival those wars
why are we sacrificing our children?
there are no rules 
of architecture
for a castle
in the clouds
Gilbert K Chesterton

I want to 
see you
I want to
be with you
in the sun
the rain
the mountains 
the sea
it just don't matter
to me
whatever beauty
surrounds me
only you
I see
it's you I adore
perfume is metaphorical
the ultimate irony of it all
is that I am single
for men my age
who have been through it all
for them
every action I take
every motion I make
every word I speak
every feeling expressed
no matter how innocent
or free from manipulation or 
malice aforethought
is suspect

I do not
kvetch with other women
about their men
recently my son made a remark
that I left a lot of friendships
I told him
that it was true
and what made me leave 
each friendship
was my inability
to tolerate any longer
how they treated their men
I am a philandrist