Transdisciplinary Art

"...emergence of a new discipline transcending 
 the boundaries of disciplinary perspective...
It can be considered as the culmination of interdisciplinary efforts...
[that] has a wholism associated with it."

What is Transdisciplinary?
Jaya Ramchandani

"the transdisciplinary artist blends all the pieces of knowledge and skill together
and creates art that we cannot define through the canons 
that specify genres as we know them.  
Art that goes beyond genre does not reveal the elements from which it is made, 
and it is manifested as a homogeneous entity that exists independently;
it goes across many disciplines, in order to reach a final destination."

What Does the Term InterdisciplinaryArtist Imply? 
Patina Lee for Widewalls

Transdisciplinary Art is the synthesization
of multiple disciplines

Monica Seggos
4 October 2019 

Art as Environment
My installations are environments,
and the viewer
is just as important to the work
as is the tableau. 
In fact, integral, inseparable. 
The works are not complete 
until the viewer 
participates in their existence. 

Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
follow me

Pygmalion et Galatée 
Jean-Léon Gérôme
transformed, brought to life
by the force of love
Happy Valentine's Day ❤️


enfolds skin
useless is total
unable to 
confirm the body
of existence 

Height x Width x Depth
in inches
to one hopeless with 

the whispers 
of inhalations
exhaling breathless
echoes from 
 cavernous chambers

living from 
the inside out
gives form
though in the desert
ever sizeless

lion head
found object of the day
he is broken and worn
but still beautiful to me
and I love him

the kiss

Hotel de Rohan Soubise, Paris, by Architect Germain Boffrand
this is me
this is who I am
it's where I am home

“I felt like Eve — 
I had just discovered that I was naked.” 
Sculptor Beverly Pepper
I'm so tired
Of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give my heart away
Leave it to the other girls to play
For I've been a temptress too long
Give me a reason
To love you
Give me a reason to be
A woman
I just want to be a woman
From this time, unchained
We're all looking at a different picture
Through this new frame of mind
A thousand flowers could bloom
Move over, and give us some room, yeah
Give me a reason
To love you
Give me a reason to be
A woman
I just want to be a woman
So don't you stop
Being a man
Just take a little look 
From outside when you can
Sow a little tenderness
No matter if you cry
Give me a reason 
To love you
Give me a reason to be
A woman
I just want to be a woman
It's all I want to be 
Is all woman
For this is the beginning 
Of forever 
And ever
It's time to move over
It's all I wanna be
I'm so tired
Of playing
Playing with this bow and arrow
Gonna give my heart away
Leave it to the other girls to play
For I've been a temptress too long
Give me a reason, to love you

Thanks for the photo Taylor!
pskaufman gallery

everything is the unknown
I don't know where I'm going from here
I'm just walking, moving
getting closer and closer
to the unknown
I will know what it is when I get there

I Can Breathe Again

Life goals:  
unbridled self-expression in high heels and couture

Sister Rosetta Tharpe "Didn't it Rain?" Live, 1964
I love when she says, "This is the wonderfulest time of my life"
right when she gets out of the carriage

ushering in the decade of happy endings

Strum me
like a guitar
and my body
will sing for you


the butterfly is 
and the butterfly does 
what a butterfly is

Be, Do & Have

Sparkling with a dash of fiery fearlessness
Iridescent with infinite opulence
Opalescing pure joy 
Luminous love and transcendent sexual expression
Dazzling with radical and revelatory self-expression
Piercing the shimmering clouds with sparkling laughter
Sensuous immersion in the brilliance of beauty
Inhabiting the enchantment of femininity through lustrous sinuosity
Luscious revelation through scintillating adornment
Inhaling transcendence amidst the splendour of twinkling stars
A bioluminescent heart, shimmering with passion and gleaming of hearth and home  
Ebullient devotion to the radiant self and reverence for the glorious cosmos
Shining with the magnificence of stalwart courage 
Effervescing boundless trust
Ablaze with the untamed passions of a galactic heart 
Gambolling, cavorting and romping, engaging in
adventures, shenanigans, larks, antics and capers, stimulating vivaciousness
Bubbling with gratitude, revelling in the gift of an incandescent life

Come Out and Play!

The Galactic Heart Space Station in Orbit
Inhaling Stars (9 Jan 2020)

Power Washing (How the Moon Stays So Bright), 2020
here is a preview of the work I will be showing
for Eternal Sky at pskaufman gallery
Opening 31 January

word of the day:
Hieros Gamos 
(5 January 2020 got the date wrong above!)
Chastity Belt #3
welded steel, steel wire, burlap ribbon, eggs

I am excited to announce that I have been invited to
participate in a female group art show entitled
Eternal Sky
co-curated by Ara Cho, Taylor and Paul 
at pskaufman gallery in DTLA
opening on Jan 31, 2020

Ara's concept:
There is a Chinese proverb that says women hold up half the sky. 
Eternal Sky is meant to represent the unlimited expression 
that women bring to this endeavor. 
Holding up the sky, not as a task to keep it from falling, 
but rather as a way to allow humanity to pass through the sky
(what could be viewed as our limitations): 
leading, in order to create, evolve and thrive. 

The purpose of this show 
is to present art that embodies women’s empowerment, 
encourages the women’s art community 
and inspires other women to create more.

So beautiful
I really resonate with her concept
and I am excited to create something 
that speaks to how I respond to it

I will post the announcement 
and links to the other exhibitors
as soon I get the notice!
I was not quite able to pick up 
the glow of the sunset light
so beautiful

Happy 2020s

Happy New Year
with Love & Light,

ringing in the new decade like Thierry Mugler 
Happy 2020
Thierry Mugler "Les Fauves"
F/W 2001-2 RTW
 Photo : Patrice Stable
Yasmin Le Bon in Thierry Mugler
 “La Chimère” F/W 1997-98 haute couture
Photo: © Alan Strutt.
Jerry Hall for Thierry Mugle
"Les Insectes” S/S 1997 haute couture
Photo: © Dominique Issermann.
the light
it's so beautiful 

it was so clear this morning on my walk
I could see all the way to Catalina 
from the lookout on Blue Heights 
Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey

playoff picture

love this

An Understanding of the Question

By Rumi

Translated by Coleman Barks

Why doesn’t a soul fly when it hears the call?
Fish on the beach always move toward wave-sound.

A falcon hears the drum and brings the quarry home.
Why isn’t every dervish dancing in the sun?

You have escaped the cage. Your wings
are stretched out. Now, fly.

You have slept in sheds and out-buildings
so long you think you live there.

How many years, like children,
do we have to collect sticks and pieces
of broken pottery and pretend they’re valuable?

Leave childhood. Go to the banquet
of true human beings. Split open the cultural mould.
Put your head up out of the sack.

Hold this book in the air with your right hand.
Are you old enough to know right from left?

God said to clarity, Walk.
To death, Help them with discipline.

To the soul, Move into the invisible
and takes what’s there.

Don’t sing the sadness anymore.
Call out that you have been given both
the answer and an understanding of the question.
yummy roast beef 
and my first ever Yorkshire Pudding
a success!

Happy Christmas everyone!
my alter ego
Mrs. Peel

If you trade passion for stability, 
you basically trade one fiction for another. 
Both are products of our imagination. 
Esther Perelman, Cultivating Desire
The Knowledge Project, Episode #71
my favorite piece from the UCLA Arts MFA Open Studios
by Valeria Tizol Vivas

As a Transdisciplinary Artist engaged in social practice, social engagement and the human experience are my primary mediums. The human experience is universal, and I develop concepts that share my own experience in order to encourage others to tell their stories. I have found when I share my thoughts, feelings and perspective through my work, the audience is inspired to respond from their experience. I have had some profound interactions that have lead to new discoveries about my process. The audience is a crucial component to my work, because I am able to look at the projects more objectively based on their responses to it.
I don't know how many times
I have written and rewritten 
my artist statement!
I have done it again.
(see the updated version
on my Artist Statement + CV page)
I have been struggling for so long to understand
exactly what kind of art I make.
It was after seeing the Margulies Collection in Miami
and going to the UCLA Open Studios 
last night
that I finally understood
the basis of my work is sculpture.
Whether it is Post-Internet or Installation,
I am a Transdisciplinary Artist
creating from a sculptural perspective:

my jewelry is sculpture
my Post-Internet art is sculpture from a process perspective
my installations are sculpture, from the set to the assemblage
I use sculpture in my Performance Art
the primary works in my installations are sculpture
my paintings are 2D sculpture ...

Transdisciplinary Art
is a fusion of mediums

Art Fusion
the new food
I'm serving up
in LA
I do ☺️