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Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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600 earthquakes in one day!! 😳
10,924 in the past 7 days! 😳😳

from the Sandbox series
my new artist artist crush
Lee Bontecou
introduced to us by Matt Jones at Molten Metal Works

Matt Jones
Founder and Instructor
at Molten Metal Works

spiritual ecstasy and transcendence through love

Dutch Sinse is forecasting another earthquake
coming in at a 7.5 in California in the next 5 days
Please keep an eye on his YouTube channel
for updates

welcome to my
secret garden

falling into the deep

 Happy 4th of July all you Patriots ❤️💥

it is so beautiful out

Poetry in Paris

Pirelli calendar, 1986  Helmut Newton


Pete Harju

it's the first morning in so long that the sun is shining
I'm so happy

I was working on my second mandala today
this was supposed to be the second layer of 8 layers
but I like it
so I'm going to keep it
and start another one

I purchased a course from Daily Om
called Painting with Heart
with Whitney Freya
It's about painting as meditation
using Mandalas
I have been wanting to paint for so long
but felt self-stifled because I don't know how to paint
Painting as meditation using the mandala
as subject frees me to be able to just
be in the moment and uncaring about the end result
I also am free to create my own version of a mandala
rather than a traditional one

This is my first one
You can probably see me in it 🤣
I want to get to the point where the feeling of painting in freedom
enables me to include this medium 
in my artistic practice. 

gaining weight in a caloric deficit?
stress from lack of sleep might be your answer
Jerry Teixeira via YouTube

place of wild strawberries

Happy Birthday Buddy!!🎂🎊🎉🍣
So proud of you!
I love you ❤️

Leonard floating on the wind
waiting for the right moment 
to snatch your food

walked down to the Pier for lunch
sat on the upper deck
(that's how old I am 🤣🤣)

yesterday, on the other hand, 
was a gorgeous day in Malibu
I got tumbled hard in the waves
and burnt like a lobster in the sun

favorite house in the fog
looking very East Coast this morning in LA

so foggy and wet this morning
but I was glad to be able to get 
more shots of this pearl Collier de Chien
I wish there wasn't that black line behind it
but you can see it better

Quand on aime, on a toujours raison 

Béart Guy

    Quand on aime, on a toujours raison.Quel que soit le chemin, c'est le bon.Moi qui prends les sentiers casse-cou,une main soudain me mène à vous.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison.Quand le monde en folie tourne en rondà travers les forêts de la nuit,cette étoile est là qui me conduit.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison,tous les mots scintillent de rayons.Quand Peau d'Ane parle simplement,de ma voix tombent les diamants.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison.Notre clef dort sous le paillasson.Par la porte ouverte à tous les vents,le hasard heureux passe souvent.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison,les melons du jardin sont bien ronds,et l'asperge a poussé en longueur,l'artichaut lui-même aura du cœur.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison.Ma fenêtre m'offre l'évasion.C'est la vie qui s'ouvre à deux battantsau delà des barreaux de ce temps.Quand on aime, on a toujours raison.
    the azure
    the wide blue yonder 
    the welkin

    the synonyms are as divine as the word itself

    pearls of wetness

    reasons for drizzles


    welcome to Los Angeles
    this has been our weather since January
    it's quite discouraging
    as most of the day is dreary and overcast
    I look forward to daily sunshine
    where I no longer have to look at the weather report
    for good news


    via Vogue Business

    I crave these places
    Carel Willink

    Look at this little rascal
    I'm lying down to go to bed
    and he crawls onto me to go to sleep
    Silly kitty!

    it is not enough to dream about doing something
    Just Do It