Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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Just Published in Volant Magazine
The Anatomist
photographer Legend
model Olga
MUAH Teal Druda
Lighting Michael Anaya
Creative Direction, Set Design and Styling
by Me :)
pump up the volume
do it
strike it up
now that we found love
what are we going to do?
current mood
getting ready
Mei Lee by David Parry
have so much going on, with my hands moving so fast 
feeling like an octopus
Fear Nothing
 I won this new pair of Neuw jeans last night
 Flaunt Magazine/Neuw party
 at Madame Siam's in Hollywood
had to get the balls in the eyes of this carnival game
but the devil invented me
so unforgettable you can taste me
keep going
follow your dreams
no matter what
it has happened to me
do you know what the best thing is about
unconditional love?
it is
intensely intimate
"to know true freedom
within a secure relationship"
to be myself with the one
who trusts me completely
I am very excited to announce
that I will be exhibiting
at The Satellite Show
during Art Basel Miami Beach
this December
I grok you
I am here
in my dream
have some very exciting news
I have to sit on it until next week
but I can't wait to announce it!
behind the scenes
at today's shoot with photographer Legend
and model, Bekah Martinez
7 minutes a day
cannot believe that these trees are in full bloom
all over Los Angeles in October
so beautiful
within the space
of my arms
is the freedom
to just be
You think I wouldn't accept
Or allow the existence
Of your pain?
You're wrong
I am not afraid of your depths
I welcome them
Yes.  I do.
my final tweet:  I love you
everything is going to be all right
if you listen
with your heart
you will hear
my love

I am here
wasn't that what you were searching for
all along?
Magritte The Bather 1925

love is everywhere
fashion stylist los angeles
Bekah Martinez by Legend
styled by me
set design by me
forever with you
making art with other artist's art
the way you deserve to be loved
overflowing with joy
I am so grateful
to be so loved
no other words needed
Christy Turlington by Steven Meisel styled by Karl Templer
this is my kind of editorial
my kind of creative direction
(not my work though!)
I just noticed there's even a lion in there :)
(wish I could credit the set designer)
wish list
on Episode 3 of Call My Agent on Netflix
so far, so good
love this quote from Ep.2
I am the one
you always knew
that I was
all that you ever
dreamed I would be
mutual respect
love and affection
best friend
business partner
where are you?
With you
that is an amazing work of art
what is it called?
you smell good
what is that?
you look beautiful
who are you wearing?
the art of being art

being good in business 
is the most fascinating kind of art
I think I will just 
watch a movie
Not a comedy
a movie with 
a happy ending


CT by train in the pouring rain