Transdisciplinary Art

"...emergence of a new discipline transcending 
 the boundaries of disciplinary perspective...
It can be considered as the culmination of interdisciplinary efforts...
[that] has a wholism associated with it."

What is Transdisciplinary?
Jaya Ramchandani

"the transdisciplinary artist blends all the pieces of knowledge and skill together
and creates art that we cannot define through the canons 
that specify genres as we know them.  
Art that goes beyond genre does not reveal the elements from which it is made, 
and it is manifested as a homogeneous entity that exists independently;
it goes across many disciplines, in order to reach a final destination."

What Does the Term InterdisciplinaryArtist Imply? 
Patina Lee for Widewalls

Transdisciplinary Art is the synthesization
of multiple disciplines

Monica Seggos
4 October 2019 

Art as Environment
My installations are environments,
and the viewer
is just as important to the work
as is the tableau. 
In fact, integral, inseparable. 
The works are not complete 
until the viewer 
participates in their existence. 

Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

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good morning world!!
have a beautiful day


I have added more photos to my
Instagram Stories 
take a look!

kissing gates allow walkers to pass
while preventing animals from escaping

a mermaid sunning herself on the rocks in Cornwall

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
with love and gratitude,
Monica ❤️
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from my art project
Walking Through Liminality
Tintagel, Cornwall, United Kingdom

snow in LA

post bloom
(cacti are incredibly fascinating)

hood ornament 

I an not just the way home
I am home


I didn't think I could be 
happily surprised
anymore on this trip
I was happy to get
a window seat
turns out,
I dont just have a window seat
I have the whole row!
on my way back home
so blessed
welcoming with open arms
all that is meant to be
everything is different
because I finally see where I've been
how far I've come
and how open my future is

It was more than I dreamed it would be
It was magic
I am weeping with joy
it's simply because smiling
can't contain my joy

the rain held off until we arrived back to the village

Today's walk
humans sharing space with nature,
animals, history, marine life and geology
green grass and the sea
sharing stories, laughter, food
exploring with artist's eyes
the wonder of life

Lion Tor
my second day of walking is up on my
Instagram Stories
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take a look at my Instagram Stories
to see my stunning hike today
I just posted the photos,
and they will be up for 24 hours

King Arthur's castle through the morning glass
over the bridge

full moon over the ocean of fog clouds
covering The City of LA

it will be cold and rainy in Cornwall
but I don't care
it will be like living in a Brontรซ
or a Du Maurier novel

feelings of wonder


150 years ago #onthisday, 
Top the wombat died. 
He was the pet of the poet and artist 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti 
who, upon Top's passing, created this self-portrait in mourning
(via Public Domain Review)

yes, to see him finally find someone
makes everyone happy,
including me
(it doesn't matter that I don't know him)

My nephew's latest reel. 
Absolutely seamless editing, both music and transitions. 
Watch it thru (music on!).
 Then go back and look for the red dress to bike transition. 
Calvin Deal @calvindeal 
Music by @samsullivanbeats 

if you could have anything
in the world,
what would it be?

it is the only thing
you can never really own

it's a state of being

being loved
and loving

it is worth losing
it is true
when all is gone
all that is left
is love
Human relationships as medium
Kade Twist
have a spooky day

the time will never be right if you wait for it
just do it
and the time will be right

After Love
Marcel Duchamp

A yawning
Gaping maw
in the empty caverns 
overlooking the black
filled with the far reaching 
of not following
what is in the 
depths of the beating
of my heart





until such time
that the winding
sinuous snake
of a path 
that I'm on
meets up with
The Yellow Brick Road
where the gate lifts

I'm off 
to be
The Wizard
there is joy
in extraordinary imaginings