Transdisciplinary Art

"...emergence of a new discipline transcending 
 the boundaries of disciplinary perspective...
It can be considered as the culmination of interdisciplinary efforts...
[that] has a wholism associated with it."

What is Transdisciplinary?
Jaya Ramchandani

"the transdisciplinary artist blends all the pieces of knowledge and skill together
and creates art that we cannot define through the canons 
that specify genres as we know them.  
Art that goes beyond genre does not reveal the elements from which it is made, 
and it is manifested as a homogeneous entity that exists independently;
it goes across many disciplines, in order to reach a final destination."

What Does the Term InterdisciplinaryArtist Imply? 
Patina Lee for Widewalls

Transdisciplinary Art is the synthesization
of multiple disciplines

Monica Seggos
4 October 2019 

Art as Environment
My installations are environments,
and the viewer
is just as important to the work
as is the tableau. 
In fact, integral, inseparable. 
The works are not complete 
until the viewer 
participates in their existence. 

Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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frayed nerves today
just went for a walk
grateful to be in the hills
where I can be in nature
I hate being so sensitive to noise
the sound of the leaf blowers 
is absolutely unbearable right now
   "Aristotle regarded the heart and not the brain as the thinking or control centre of the body. He also spoke of certain very fine thread-like tendons that went from the heart to all the larger tendons of the body as in a marionette. Hence the notion of one's "heart-strings' being tugged." 
I woke up in the middle of the night
and realized that my collaging can be used as studies
for my environments

10:30 am Sunday 20 March 20
Sunset Boulevard 

I spent the afternoon cutting up magazines to make collages. I started to play around with some of the pieces I cut out. I put this painting of a lion down on the chair as if I were putting it down while I put the nail in the wall to hang it on.  I love that the painting was photographed at such an angle that it actually looks and feels as though it has been rested there for that purpose. There's nothing more I want to do with it. One thing my professor @nellkeyes taught me @scad is that play is an important part of an art practice. I never quite got it. For some odd reason, I get it now, today, during this pandemic.  I understand that not every piece has to be a finished piece. I can just play.

Catching Clouds

why don't people listen?
this virus

Stay Home
Twin Suns

More beauty for you today

prescient abilities 
in relation to the emotional impact of imagery
incredibly bright and clear tonight

LA is on lockdown
Garcetti acted after
Governor Newsom announced
that 56% of CA is projected
to get the virus

LA like I've never seen it 
lush green, sky full of all types of clouds,
and crystal clear for miles

 the rain on the way out
the rain on its way again
I was not alone in my weeping
it started pouring as soon as I started singing
it stopped pouring as soon as I got back
teardrops = tears blending with raindrops

just singing in the rain
after the rains came

I didn't know it could be any more beautiful here

if anyone needs up-to-date info
on the coronavirus,
take a look at my Twitter. 
I have added a link to the page
on the sidebar

here is a blank notebook I bought at The V&A
from the Tim Walker exhibit
Have been saving it for something inspiring
The time is no longer nigh,
it is now

Tips for Artists Under Quarantine #2:
 be like @timwalkerstudio and keep notebooks and process books of your work. 
Here is a page from one of Walker's notebooks from the @vamuseum installation, Wonderful Things. I am a huge Tim Walker fan and have collected tear sheets from @vogueitalia and @britishvogue since I first discovered his work many years ago. I was so thrilled to be able to attend this show on my way home from @charlotte.stocker 's Airbnb in Tintagel, Cornwall.  It was a mind blowing show, and I wanted to take it all home with me. You can see more of the notebooks and videos in my Instagram Stories. Also in my Stories is a shot I took of the Tim Walker exhibit @michaelhoppengallery recommended to me by @hollytorious ♥️

Tips for Artists Under Quarantine #1:
be like Peter Beard and keep a diary
(Peter Beard by Taschen)

"We underestimated this.
You don't have to do the same.
Stay home"

the profundity of the profane



I AM the wild thing
there are some who can live without wild things
Aldo Leopold

I cannot

it is the



that matters

freely given
is the 


in the world

cliché you say?


je m'en fous
my heart has been
bench pressing 
the weight of the world 
for years now

Atlas has got
nothing on me
isn't following your heart
about not caring
what other people say
to you, about you, 
what they say is best for you?
isn't it about 
trusting only yourself,
trusting only your feelings,
even if they fly in the face 
of all appearances 
to the contrary?
isn't it about
remaining true to yourself
no matter what?

damn right it is

the unbearable
is borne
no eraser
or self-erasure
can make this memory go away


puffy heart

Robert Macfarlane
I resonate so completely with his work
with all of my soul
my favorite part of LA:
trees overflowing in the dark
with the intoxicating
scent of orange blossoms 

tonight @pskaufman at 6:30 pm
for Womxn in Cannibalism 
curated by Nadia Says of @yourmomsberlin
Ellis David Perry @saint_ellis and I 
will be performing "Meat Hunger"

Ellis David Perry @saint_ellis and I 
will be performing "Meat Hunger" 
@pskaufman for Womxn in Cannibalism movie festival 
curated by Nadia Says of @yourmomsberlin 
Tuesday March 3 at 6:30pm.
 see you tomorrow!
Peforming this Tuesday
3 March with Ellis David Perry
at pskaufman gallery 6;30pm
curated by Nadia Says

photographer Mary Russell
in today's Air Mail

for without it, what is there?
only Silence

I'm not sure why nobody walks in LA
They are missing out
on all the amazing 
scented flowers that you can only
smell at night
artist unknown (via Alloya on YouTube)

artist unknown (via Alloya on YouTube)

a beautiful Spring night in LA
fragrant w/love bills posted everywhere

Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose 1885-6
John Singer Sargent