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You Will Be (21 Sept 20)

You Will Be (20 September 20)

Lady of the Lake (to the left)

Dessert in the Desert

Venus Anadyomene (It's Time for Your Life)

I Am Innocent

Neptune S'amuse ๐Ÿ˜„

I See Things in Color, Even if Everyone Around Me Thinks in Black and White

Always Be Ready, Even if You're Alone in the Desert

Quarantine in LA

I have been so worried about the birds dying in all this smoke
I hear them chirping this morning 
deafening silence would be so upsetting 
it is so utterly tranquil this evening
the breeze is restless
yet soothing
wafting over me
caressing the space
that I inhabit
it is blissful
Thank you for teaching me how to live
You will never be forgotten
I stepped outside to go for a walk earlier
and stepped right back in
Unbearable smell of smoke
apparently the brilliant orange sun this morning 
is from the smoke of the fires
Still doesn't do it justice

it's only going up to 91 today
so it's not the heat 
so blessed to see this
 I wish I could capture how orange the sun is this morning!!
it is like a ball of vibrant, fluorescent orange
the power of the color is like nothing I've ever seen here

The Bower Bird (5 Sept 20) Collage on Paper

Bower bird males decorate their spaces
with found objects
to entice the females. 
Some of the found objects are sparkly 
or are stolen from other bower bird's nests. 

The males then peck and peck at the females
to see which ones tolerate the attacks. 
The one that survives and stays around
is the one they mate with. 

 Phew! Wow!! It's a little warm out today! 

 Wow. The heat is in the air and it's not quite the temperature that it's projected to be yet! Phew! And I'm still in the shade 

I'm looking for a manager
If anyone knows a manger who is interviewing prospective clients,
please let me know

the era of Malcolm Gladwell
and specialization
is over

we are in the dawning of
The Age of the Polymath

for years,
I have split myself into pieces
When amongst a fashion crowd,
I have said that I am a fashion designer,
stylist and set designer.
When amongst the film industry,
I have said that I am an actor.
When amongst artists,
I have said I am an artist.
When amongst writers,
I have said that I am a poet.
When I am around business people
I am a businesswoman
I have separate websites and separate social 
social media sites for everything

I am not doing this anymore
I started a community group 
for all things polymath
on Quora
I hope you will join!
You can find me on Quora
where I am sharing information
and my experience
of being a polymath
Monica Seggos
this week, 
I changed all my social media accounts to reflect my new title
Those of us who FINALLY claim our right to call ourselves Polymaths 
are neither bragging or lacking in humility. 
Personally, I have finally come to the point that I am tired of trying to fit in. 
On one hand, those who believe in specialization
 criticize polymaths for being dilettantes
 and on the other, we are accused of being pretentious. 
I will never fit in, no matter what. 
I am what I am
I now choose to claim what I am.
after years of writing poetry, proposals,
automediality, memoir,
 academic papers and love letters,
here is how I am finally able to 
wrap my head around screenwriting
that is definitely manageable

somehow transported
To Live and Die in LA

I’ve been taking a lot of comic book classes
during the coronavirus
Last week, I did an artist residency with CAMP and artist Gabrielle Bell
Usually the residency is in the mountains outside Toulouse,
but, you know, Covid
It was an amazing group of people online from all over the globe
Gabrielle stressed that comics
are autobiographical, and they make you feel something
(right up my alley!!)
I just posted my comic, I and Me,
mixing it with collage, which Gabrielle loved
I like that her style is so personal,
 and I like the idea I can add this to my automediality repertoire
In my other classes, I am looking towards creating a female character
that is more traditional (Marvel) in style
It is taking a lot of time and effort,
because I am learning anatomy
I also love Pulp Fiction book covers,
and have wanted to paint some of my own
So the effort I am putting into learning how to draw the figure
is time well spent
I and Me
27 Aug 2020

a point of view
welcome to LA, sun
Finished the first draft
of my first screenplay
of my first short film
good morning

first day I've taken the bandage off my oil splatter burn
this was after tripping and falling down 
the steps coming home in the dark of the morning

morning walk under the moon and venus

so thrilled that these flowers all bloomed
at the same time!
and look!!!

Ganna in her lily pond 
(this will be me in my secret garden)

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalised after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying that presumed black swans did not exist – a saying that became reinterpreted to teach a different lesson after the first European encounter with them.
I added this layout to my scrapbook almost 2 weeks ago
trying to figure out how to collage it
I've decided to leave it as is
It is a photograph of 
Ganna Waleska's garden 
I dreamt about it before I moved to LA
not knowing that it existed
I love the black swans
and the blue herons
I still haven't been yet 

good morning 

Paris will come before London
in the presence of

if I would have known what would happen,
I would have done a time lapse
beautiful nonetheless

another one
felt this one underneath my feet 
overlooking the sunrise

watching it roll in at the song of the birds 

nights are overrated

morning mist at the high tide line