I made it! And on time
I am here at the shoot. Such an amazing building
Love these old places in the Fashion District
will post behind the scenes later
not able to post pictures from my iPhone

The Fencing Master Julius Gari Melchers
vintage makeup artist 
body painting
Fashion is the relationship that you have with your body
Maria Grazia Chiuri
time to finish up my work before the shoot!
I love that there are so many hummingbirds here in LA

I think of you and I smile

finished putting everything together 
for the shoot tomorrow
(at least for tonight!)
will finish up
in the morning

bonne nuit
 the wind blows as the moon darkens the light

 looks like I'm on the mountain looking down


here is the dress I am wearing in the shoot
have to go Downtown now
will post more later!
the shadow in the shadow of the eclipse

 which ones should I wear for the eclipse?
(vintage Pierre Cardin 60s-70s glasses)

with you, I am as I am in nature
my true self
in nature
I feel the absolute connection
with my true self
nature knows my destiny
the sun, the moon, the stars
all have a profound effect on me

I remember vividly
exactly where I was 
during the solar eclipse of 1970
my mom told me not to look at the sun
but I took a quick peek and remember seeing 
darkness with the light poking around the edges
it had a profound affect on me
even though I didn't even understand the significance of it
at the time
I will remember today too
this time on the opposite side of the country

(if you want to look up your zip code,
go to Vox, it has some fun gifs and videos of the trajectory)

I am exhausted
all my plates are full 
all up in the air at the same time
with a constant introverted hyperfocused mien
 responding to opportunities that are coming my way
in the zone
and in the void
at the same time
the pressure is immense
what am I going to do?
quit now?
after all that I have been through
to get to where I am now?
I will not give up
it's who I am
and I will stay true to myself
this is what I have chosen
I believe in myself
I believe in my dreams
I know I am on the right path
even though I am in the dark right now
even though I go it alone

awesome new belt buckle at work today
Cannonball & Tilly, Los Angeles

A commitment to myself

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

I accept that I am without perfection
snuggling with my lion this morning

you are my heart bud

the unshakeable belief in yourself
that you have what it takes to succeed
glad to be alive in a time where love, creativity, trueness, beauty
and personal fulfillment can be manifest
a time when my wildest dreams come true

@soarelatable A woman adopted 2 lion cubs but had to give them up to the local zoo. 
Watch what happens when she visited them 7yrs later.  
lions never forget being loved
and I'll dream of you too
See You Again on Austin's playlist at the shoot today,
reminded me of you
 "I wonder if you look both ways
When you cross my mind..."

touché (ok, I give in.  you win 😊)

behind the scenes setting up the shoot with
photographer Stan Armon
time for my morning exercises
have a sunny day everyone!