Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

please see the Automediality & Me page for more information

thank you for following along with me on my journey
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good morning
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just published!
The Things that Weigh Us Down
Veranika by Kayla Alise
for Atlas Magazine
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there is nothing more intimate
than being understood
and I have some butter to sell
love them well
just DO
it is 6pm Sunday in LA
Don't drink at the water's edge,
throw yourself in.
Become the water.
Only then will your thirst be quenched.
Jeanette Berson
To have you on my Dreamland
would be like heaven to me 😊
every desire of my heart is now fulfilled
and I am bountifully prospered in all that I do

so happy to see you
a treasure
at Cannonball & Tilly today

love them unconditionally

New Yorkers have always known

it's one of those days
where the weeping willow's
thirst is quenched by its own tears
Place me like a seal over your heart, 
like a seal on your arm; 
for love is as strong as death, 
its jealousy unyielding as the grave. 
It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.
Song of Solomon
and out of the ashes rises the phoenix

I am still here
I am still me
just busy in my garden
planting seeds
I just can't help myself,
it isn't enough that I am writing a proposal
I end up getting in there 
and tweaking my entire website 
Every time I write a new proposal, 
I see new things
I am constantly updating 
based on my experiences
that result in a new perspective
installation art
I have been saying this about art proposals!
installation art

thank you for such a nice day

walking home
the song of the lone bird
piercing the night
and the first star I saw
so nice to have light out so late
tonight's screening of Genius:  Picasso
by National Geographic
with panel, dinner and exhibit
another wonderful immersive experience
Magdalena loves my jewelry
she and her boyfriend
are going to shoot my pieces and make a video of them
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behind the scenes today
with photographer Legend
models Magdalena and Danique
and makeup artist Teal Druda
I am here for you
I am here with you
so happy to see you today My Love

Ears (not Eyes)
thought of the evening
At the entrance to the latest exhibition at FIDM Museum
 in Downtown LA on photographer Michel Arnaud  
is the full
 from Couture AH 1997 from
Alexander McQueen 
Incredibly gorgeous and vibrant
What a treasure!

If you are a huge fan of the 90's like I am, 
run (don't walk) to @fidmmuseum in Downtown LA 
to visit their exhibition on photographer Michel Arnaud

Some of the most iconic pieces of this time 
are displayed next to Arnaud's runway shots. 
This piece by Gianni Versace 
from FW 1991/2 is my absolute favorite.
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Miranda by Jesse Dvorak
MUA Susie Salazar
styled by me
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fashion stylist los angeles
location for today's shoot

the love I know you need in me...
for your eyes only
Thank you Tim Patrick 
at Spoke and Weal Los Angeles
for this amazing haircut
I am so happy!
(sponsored post)
attended this amazing event last night
the view from above at Terra
it was the perfect venue and the food was so amazing
me and Rob
It's fascinating to think that for us to be here now,
the right combination of stardust, energy and water
had to come together.
Mae Jemison, One Strange Rock

When I looked at the planet, I thought, 
"This is what heaven must look like"
Mike Massimo, One Strange Rock
watching a VR promotion for
One Strange Rock
a megadoc told from the perspective of astronauts
 by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky
and producer Jane Root
unbelievably intensely beautiful 
listening to the sound effects from
The Long Road Home
The entire town of Fort Hood, TX
was transformed into Iraq the set of
The Long Road Home

do it anyway
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which one?
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which one?