Automediality is a key component of my artistic practice.
Automediality is a form of autobiography through media,
in real time, shaped by the media outlets utilized
this journal is one of my media outlets

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thank you for following along with me on my journey
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my love for you is eternal refuge in your eyes

fashion designer los angeles
Annie Mummaw by Colin Douglas Gray
in Monica Los Angeles Upcycled Denim
now up on Not Just a Label
it's a beautiful day out
a good day to start thinking about the beach
I haven't spent that much time at the beach
since I moved here
instead, time in the mountains
just finished another submission
planting the seeds
every day

and I lead with my heart
Glamour...reveals the truth 
about what we desire
 and, sometimes,
what we can become  
Virginia Postrel
it is as if you are with me

the bird continues to sing
keeping me company
whilst I work on my submission
the sweet sound
of a solitary songbird
in the dark
washes over me
like you
whispering my name
 with a mouth full of drawl
sticking to me
like molasses
so all I can
hear is the 
feeling of licking
til a' the seas gang dry
Picasso at the Sotheby's preview, Los Angeles
going to be working with Sydney
again on Monday with Santi Babaran
so excited!

so proud of this shoot
they published 16 out of 16
of the photographs
I can't help but want to share some of them
fashion stylist los angeles
fashion stylist los angeles
I made this shirt for the shoot
fashion stylist los angeles
Sydney looks stunning with or without makeup
Francesca decided on this orange lipcolor
and I pulled this gown out of my collection
 it was not originally part of the shoot, but wow! 
I included touches of blue
just because of Sydney's eyes
fashion stylist los angeles
we shot in my studio
and Legend was putting everything
in the shoot 
that inspired him in the moment
I told him to call it The Collector
and he did :)
fashion stylist los angeles
Sydney has all the qualities of a high fashion model
I feel that she is going to make it big
fashion stylist los angeles
as soon as Legend booked me
I found this coat
it is so what he looks to shoot
I built the whole shoot around it
and wow, Sydney
Sydney of Nomad Management
by photographer Legend
MUAH Francesca Martin
Styled by Me
performance art
The Alchemist

holding fast to my dreams
what is the alternative? this?
there is no alternative
fashion stylist los angeles
fashion stylist los angeles
just published
Sydney by photographer Legend
for Lady Gunn
styled by me in
performance art
photograph by Amruta Patil
Announcing my upcoming performance piece,
The Alchemist (2013)
at The Startup Art Fair, San Francisco
Saturday, 28 April 2018
welcome to my ballet class! :)

fashion stylist los angeles
fashion stylist los angeles
bts with Colin Gray and Annie
installation art
photo by Amruta Patil
announcing my upcoming performance and installation,
The Broken Heart Repair Shop,
at the Venice Art Crawl,
Thursday, 17 May 2018
at Sunny Bak Studio, Venice
behind the scenes on Saturday
with Annie
and Colin Douglas Gray
Performance Art
photograph by Amruta Patil
Announcing my upcoming performance piece,
The Alchemist (2013)
at The Startup Art Fair, San Francisco
Saturday, 28 April 2018
The uncanny is apprehended as a physical sensation, 
like the one I have always associated with an ‘art’ experience
The Tate
[Ilya] Kabakov puts it: 
‘The main actor in the total installation, 
the main centre toward which everything is addressed, 
for which everything is intended, is the viewer.’ 
He reiterates one of the dominant themes of installation art
 since it emerged in the 1960s: 
the desire to provide an intense experience for the viewer. 
The Tate
installation art
Love Among the Ruins 1873 Edward Burne-Jones

haven't we learned
what happens
as a result 
of suppression and repression
I can't solve 
I can only express
my feelings

now filtering into how male and female characters
are being written in Hollywood.
when are we going to notice
how much men are suffering?
the Santa Anas are blowing tonight
says 11mph
but we are getting gusts 
at least 3 times that if not more
I feel like I am on Nantucket again!
I promise you the moon too
something for you
rhinestone "elite" in a low rider
didn't mean to move while I was taking the photo
but love the way it turned out
(more inspiration)
this engine reminded me of a heart
would like to make a heart shaped engine
for an art installation
love the inclusion of The Futurist Manifesto
in the Porsche exhibit
love these vintage ads
this one especially apropos
Overall I was really impressed
there were missed opportunities
for interactivity 
and even the scent of leather would have been 
a great addition
The installation gave me inspiration
for my fashion pop-ups
 there was also a Porsche exhibit
 it was very immersive and experiential
lots of visuals and sound
including beautiful music
the museum was completely different 
from the last time I was there
I didn't realize that they rotate the cars that are on view
there is a Ferrari exhibit on now
Santi and I went to
The Petersen Museum
my favorite car in the whole museum
The art of storytelling is incredibly important.  
Learning to tell a story is critically important,
because that’s how the money works. 
 The money flows as a function of the story.
Don Valentine
awesome dj tonite
couldn't stop
didn't want to stop
Charlie Le Mindu
the rooftop @thenomadhotel
@bb_projects @pleasedonotenter
the waning rose
11 march 2018
I surrendered to you
I do not see it as a price I paid,
rather, it is what gave me 
the ultimate:
freedom and joy
if there were such thing as a price
I would pay it over and over again
with you
morning light on the roofdeck