Automediality & Me

Automediality is a key component to my artistic practice
Automediality is what Emma Maguire describes as 
using "self-representational practices across abundant variety of digital modes
 to mediate [our] lives...
[A]n automedial approach takes for granted that the self 
is 'brought into being by the process of mediation' rather than simply [being]
...the storied form of a pre-existing subject...
[A]utomedial texts are shaped by the networks of production 
and consumption in which they circulate"*

In other words, automediality is a form of
autobiography through media,
in real time,
shaped by the media outlets utilized

I do not use social media 
for its "social" attributes
I use social media and automediality
to enable me to express
where I am in my artistic process,
a mirror, a tool
to help me to see how far I have come
and where I need to go next and
"to bring my self into being"

the digital modes I currently use are
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
and the journal on this website
each social media outlet I use has a different way
of eliciting from me
the emotional, spiritual and philosophical state of mind 
I am in at that moment

 the posts on this journal
are stream of consciousness
memories, emotions, thoughts and feelings 
recorded in real time
(read the daily page sequentially in reverse,
as the post at the top is the most recent) 
I frequently use images and quotes 
as modes of expression

thank you for following along with me
on my journey

*quoted from Self-Branding, Hotness and Girlhood in the Video Blogs of Jenna Marbles 
by Emma Maguire
for  a greater understanding and an in depth perspective on automediality
I highly recommend this fascinating text