Post Internet Art

Sculpting Image, Text + Concept in the Ether
I have always had a fascination and a love for technology,
but have never had the desire to be a programmer or developer.
Rather I have always relied on the rise of a need
which would inevitably end up being fulfilled
by someone who was a developer and programmer.
I knew what I needed, and I knew all I had to do was wait
and it would appear.  
From years of following technological advances, I knew that
the launch of something unique would spawn ubiquity in a matter of time.
Cost would be a factor at the launch, but with ubiquity would come the ability to
use a program for free.  Ease of use has always been in factor in the programs I
choose.  I have noticed that the further a concept is developed, the greater
the ease of use, because the latest iteration is built on the frustration of
 the limitations of the original program.
While in my Jewelry + Objects Masters
 at The Savannah College of Art and Design,
I was not interested in incorporating technology into my work.
I was not interested in learning how to model in 3D
in the same way I have never been interested in coding or programming.
It wasn't until I was in my Design Management program that,
out of necessity, I began producing digital art.
My Design Management program was online
and required intense focus and concentration.
I had no free time to dedicate to my physical art practice.
At the time, I was already posting my physical work on Instagram.
Out of frustration,
I began appropriating images from the internet
(sometimes incorporating my own photography)
 and manipulating them
using apps I had downloaded onto my phone
to create artwork.
My son pointed out to me that my approach to Digital Art is similar to my
physical approach to art-from a sculptural point of view.
My digital works are sculpture from a process perspective,
rather than a dimensional perspective.
 I sculpt image, text and concept in the ether,
to create 2D and video works of Digital Art.
Post-Internet Art is an integral part of my art practice.
Each piece can and does stand on its own,
and I have exhibited my digital works in this way.
However, I am much more interested
in the challenge of incorporating the digital into the physical.
I like to integrate the works into a physical piece,
or into a physical space by including them in an installation.

It is the way I live.
I could choose to see technology as something separate from everything I do,
I could choose to see it as a dependency,
I can see it as an integral part of my life,
something I incorporate into what I am doing
that helps me to achieve my goals in a way that I could not
without it.

It is a synergistic relationship.
All Post-Internet Art is created solely on an iPhone
with various iPhone compatible apps and uploaded to Instagram