Sculpting Image, Text + Concept in the Ether

This body of work is part of an overarching theme I have been exploring, which focuses on my observations of navigating life in a Post-Internet world from a perspective of someone who grew up at a time where the Internet did not exist.   
Post-Internet Art is an integral part of my practice and includes conceptual and digital projects as well as installation and performance pieces which reflect my experiences and observations of the Post-Internet world.   
I have always had a fascination and a love for technology but have never had the desire to be a programmer or developer.  Rather I have always relied on the rise of a need which would inevitably end up being fulfilled by someone who was a developer and programmer.  I knew what I needed, and I knew all I had to do was wait, and it would appear. 
From years of following technological advances, I knew that the launch of something unique would spawn ubiquity in a matter of time.  Cost would be a factor at the launch, but with ubiquity would come the ability to use a program for free.  Ease of use has always been in factor in the programs I choose.  I have noticed that the further a concept is developed, the greater the ease of use, because the latest iteration is built on the frustration of the limitations of the original program.
It was during my Design Management Masters program at The Savannah College of Art and Design that, out of necessity, I began producing digital art.  My Design Management program was online and required intense focus and concentration, and I had no free time to dedicate to my physical art practice. Out of frustration, I began appropriating images from the internet (sometimes incorporating my own photography) and manipulating them using apps I had downloaded onto my phone to create artwork.

Digital art is an important part of my Post-Internet practice. My approach to digital art is similar to my physical approach to art-from a sculptural point of view. My digital works are sculpture from a process perspective, rather than a dimensional perspective. I sculpt image, text and concept in the ether, to create 2D and video works of art. All digital works are created solely on an iPhone with various iPhone compatible apps and uploaded to Instagram.
I also develop conceptual Post-Internet installations and individual works of art.  Each piece can and does stand on its own, and I have exhibited my digital works in this way. However, I am much more interested in the challenge of incorporating the digital into the physical.  I like to integrate the works into a physical piece, or into a physical space by including them in an installation.

It is the way I live.  I could choose to see technology as something separate from everything I do, I could choose to see it as a dependency..Or, I can see it as an integral part of my life, something I incorporate into what I am doing that helps me to achieve my goals in a way that I could not without it.

It is a synergistic relationship.