Walking Through Liminality (A Pilgrimage to Self) No. 2: Nantucket

 Walking Through Liminality (A Pilgrimage to Self) No. 2:  Nantucket

Environmental Performance Artist Residency Documentation

Medium: Walking - Location: Nature - Size: Variable - Length: Monday 14 June - 6 Sept 2021 

Video & Photography, Personal Journal, Instagram (feed, stories and timeline) Webpage, final project (TBA)

Monday 14 June
absorbing the presence of the healing nature of this place from above
Los Angeles to Nantucket Descent
Great Point barrier
Great Point Lighthouse
flight shadow moves over preserved lands
Nantucket, originally inhabited by the Wampanoags
honoring and recognizing them today
Dorcas Honorable, last known Native American female on Nantucket, died 1855
Abram Quary, last known Native American male on Nantucket, died 1854
(photos via the Nantucket Historical Society)
All I wanted was to put my feet in the grass again,
but on my first day, I got more than that
My friend Carolyn introduced me to Piet Oudolf.
Not in person, but through her work with a building company.
Piet had designed the garden that was being installed. 
As an Environmental Artist, I feel like I should have known his work, 
as he designed the gardens for the High Line in NYC 
as well as the Hauser & Wirth gardens in Somerset.
painting with plants, colors and light
even in the winter and fall, the garden is alive
I was drawn to return to Nantucket, to experience the natural beauty here 
and create work in response to it. When I lived here, I worked on gardens
and tended to the roses. Today I was introduced to Piet's work, garden as art.
I don't own land, so I am not quite sure how I will apply what I will learn about Piet's work.
Nonetheless, serendipity.  
yes, I am here
 17 June Thursday
love is in the air
19 June Saturday
 without light, I am nothing
protecting wildlife is everything
structures hold memories
when you see them again, the memories pour through your being
20 June Sunday
I saw the signs
 21 June Monday

my favorite part of the Sconset bluff walk
are the tree tunnels
my second favorite part 
is lunch afterwards by the pool at The Summer House 
 29 June Tuesday

with Carolyn it is always about fresh vegetables and fruit
 from Bartlett Farm
the flavours that emerge out of the earth cannot be duplicated

30 June Wednesday
Sam took me to meet the summer guests
view from the hayloft

4 July Sunday
there is no world for me without birds

5 July Monday 

a blend of honeysuckle
and Rosa Rugosa
with the morning dew
wafts by
on the back
of the salt sprayed breeze
path to dinner
digging for dinner
number 1 of 5
7 July 2021 
 exploring the island
seeing the beauty together in friendship
always ends at the beach for a sunset

by the sea, 
no day ever looks the same 
no wave ever sounds the same
17 June
24 June
26 June
4 July
5 July
Friday 9 July
this Twitter post is so beautiful
there is no doubt in my mind that nature is a healing force
 Saturday 10 July
into the sea of green 
highlighted by the fog
sea of grass
leopard spotted in the sand
 remnants of a storm
fog wraps the trees, creating art
 Sunday 11 July
another Nantucket, another day, seen through the eyes of another friendship
I love nature tunnels so much
I think the issue of pet waste is a really important conversation in conservation
the scent of these flowers blended with the ocean breeze!!!
breathtaking colors
poison ivy is so invasive that it encroaches onto the bike baths
it is unstoppable
I don't know what the rash is on the leaves
treasure from a yard sale
 Thursday 15 July
in all the time I have spent here, this is the first buck I have ever seen
he moved towards me as I moved towards him
(I love the bird in the background)
look at his wonderful fuzzy antlers
fog transforms all aspects of the visual experience
 Saturday 17 July
sometimes treasures are found in other places beyond nature
 Sunday 18 July
just watching me as I go by
beautiful, reminds me of
Sir Robert Baden-Powell (founder of the Boy Scouts) quote:
 “try to leave this world a little better than you found it”
everything looks different under overcaset skies
nature is my best friend
my first time at a drive in 
always remembered the LA river 
and ONJ's fabulous black lycra outfit
being in the fresh warm evening air
 Monday 19 July

endless days and days of fog
the light has a twinkle of magic in it
as if for the first time revealing its true self
grateful that I am a morning person
to witness this breathtaking serenity
the rest of the day was overcast and overcrowded
bunny yoga 
downward dog 
Tuesday 20 July

another beautiful morning
so thankful to the Land Bank and the Nantucket Preservation Trust
for preserving so much of the island
Wednesday 21 July
noticing me noticing him
alligator skin pavement
peeking around the tree I'm hiding behind

some people were blocking my usual path to the beach, so I found something new
 a free library box!! love them!!
I think this book was waiting for me
these spaces are sanctuaries when there are deer within
on to Sconset for an afternoon walk
breathing in the view from the bluff
antique wire fencing, my style
I love Codfish Park
could close my eyes and listen to the water and know that I am on Nantucket
memories of living on the boat in the harbour
Thursday 22 July 
the clouds change the view as much as the waves
the stillness
where the only wind
is the air I break in half
flowing, swirling embracing me
meeting again behind
I hear things
birds wings
flapping through the leaves
scooting into the brush
rushing through the trees
 the silence is broken 
when the current is gone 
Friday 23 July 
the colors of the island mirrored in the gardens
 the low humidity is visible in the air
 Sunday 25 July
rhythm of the metronome + birdsong
the green is so vivid in this morning's light
Nineteenth-century sailing ships displayed their names on decoratively carved and painted signs called quarterboards. When a ships captain retired and went ashore he’d acquire the quarterboard and place it on his house for all to admire.   Many of the hundreds of quarterboards now gracing the homes on the seafaring island of Nantucket came, not from old ships, but from the workbench of Halifax resident Nicholas Lonborg.  Kay Moran, Daily Hampshire Gazette 11/20/97
my favorite quarterboard (egg by Man Ray)
it rained this morning, so we didn't get to take the water taxi to brunch
it was wonderful for us to sit, facing the water, with the rain pouring down
it was serene and calming
a gift for someone from LA
the green is so brilliant against the grey skies
it has been a grey summer here, but I am paying it no mind
I am too busy absorbing the viridian rays 
breathtaking work of art
Monday 26 July  
so many deer out and about
the fawn is the one I resonated with this morning
I can't help but equate deer with my Lyme Disease 
1991 Nantucket
my life is woven around my experience
prior to Lyme, I spent hours walking through the woods, everywhere I went
as a child, the woods were my playgroud
after Lyme, I never walked through the woods again
I dream of doing so
Tuesday 27 July 
onset of the sunset
Wednesday 28 July 
morning walk 5:30 am
getting darker as the days go by as the sun adds minutes to its rise
rain, no wind 
knowing that the weather is mercurial here 
and that I might encounter the wettest summer on record,
I brought my foul weather gear
So glad I did,
because I wouldn't have wanted to miss the sound
of birdsong layered with drops of rain
most of the privet has gathered the rain and is holding it in the leaves
by the sea,
everything is covered in a layer of moisture,
including the air,
which is a blend of the salted water from the sea
and rain
I have become obsessed with the cloud cover
we rarely see clouds in Los Angeles
previously, on Nantucket, 
I associated clouds with feeling oppressed and depressed
I only saw grey
grey on grey everywhere
grey clouds of grey days weighed heavily over the grey shingles
Living in the illuminated space where the sun always shines
has enabled me to see a new facet of nature-the ethereal beauty that is grey
It was always there,
but now I can see it
Thursday 29 July 2021
 morning walk 5:30 am
60 degrees
sun is rising
feels like the crisp of Fall is in the air 
good morning!
long shadows
glowing rays
the leaves feel the crisp in the air too
Friday 9 July
74 degrees, 64% humidity 
the raindrops full of sun were like stars falling from the sky
and there it was, just a few minutes later
the rainbow falls into the trees
and the colors are absorbed by the leaves

1 August Sunday
5:30 am
63 degrees
chilly this morning
but as soon as the sun hit the pavement
it got really warm
All the time I have spent in nature
has sensitized me to changes in the weather
I am a human barometer 

the light is so subtle, yet pervasive
the birds woke me with their dawn chorus
no deer today
Tuesday 2 August
5:30 am, 63 degrees
 today has been my favorite day so far of this project
absolutely breathtaking
I walked into the fog that overlayed the path ahead
(like going into a different dimension)

 waves tell secrets
away from daybreak towards the broken day

 back towards the breaking day 
my favorite shot thus far
The Dancing Wave
Wednesday 5 August

 white is bright against grey
Thursday 6 August
6:15 am the emotional image from the energy of the surge
a pair of surfers
another dancing wave
14:55 dripping windown boxes
16:16 a peek of the harbour
my son and I lived aboard in these waters many years ago
Sunday 8 August
at last just for you, a sunset

lace of Queen Anne
 boats aglow
sleep tight
Tuesday 10 August
wow, Fall is going to be gorgeous with all this poison ivy
especially in the fog 
Wed 11 August
this summer I am reminded why Nantucket is called the Gray Lady

Fri 13 August
good night bunny, good night moon

Sat 14 August
the road through the fog
Sun 15 August
my idea of the perfect day: sun, breeze, low humidity
Mon 16 August
I don't like that sunrise is later everyday, but grateful to be there to greet ittrusting me enough to stand there as I walked by
antlers like cupped hands(as if one wasn't enough) majestic!