Los Angeles
 Luxury fashion in pursuit of elegant disruption*
  artisanal, bricolage, vintage, digital
                            *Jem Bendell
Launching A/H 2024

My collections consist of one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces, 
vintage clothing, and reconstructed pieces in fashion, digital fashion, jewelry and handbags. 
Each collection 
(consisting of newly constructed garments,
upcycled pieces, and vintage clothing)
  inhabits a storyline,mise-en-scène, a fashion editorial come to life.
The collections will be released directly to the consumer four times a year
via my Art+Fashion pop-up shops
Up to now, my one-of-a-kind pieces 
were created to fulfill a need
in the styling arm of my business.
The photographers I work with would send me
inspiration for their editorials,
and I executed their vision and created stories
that included my own designs.
Here are some of the editorials I have styled
that feature my designs (photographers credited):
fashion stylist los angeles
Ana by Lika Brutyan for Vogue Italia
Xin Wang for Photo Vogue

Jesse Dvorak for Shuba Magazine
Brian Bee

Stan Armon, published in Ellements Magazine
Stefan Rappo for

Kayla Alise
TJ Manou for Borealis Magazine

Xin Wang published on Photo Vogue

Stanley Armon
Jason by Alvaro Nates
Lika Brutyan
Self-Fish by photographer Lika Brutyan published on Photo Vogue