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Monica Seggos
 Los Angeles
Transdisciplinary Artist
I was raised in a very European style.
My mother, an opera singer,
and my father, an artist from Greece,
met in Paris.
Their fusion of cultures, tastes, histories, perspectives
and personalities created my childhood.
Aesthetics were the currency I grew up with.
(visual, physical and the flavor of the palate)
was immersive and engaging
in both the interiors and exteriors
of my environment.
It was expressed
through object, art, fashion, music,
literature and film.
Through nature and travel,
(actual, in books, in games, in play
and in imagination)
I explored the universe.
No dream was ever too big,
as I lived it in my reality.


When it came time to express my own creativity,
my own aesthetic,
everyone always told me to focus on one thing.
But I never wanted to sacrifice any 
of my modes of expression
in support of another.  

My path to this point
was a long and windy one!
It included raising a son, owning a retail shop, living on a boat,
Scallop Fishing, Landscape Design, Acting, Fashion Styling, Fashion Consulting,
Travel, Lecturing, eCommerce, Vintage Clothing, a Worth gown,
the loss of my business and homeLyme and Lone Star tick disease,
and lots of moves.

I never gave up on my dreams of achieving prosperity
 through creative expression.
It was the loss of my income, business and home that lead me to
the Savannah College of Art and Design.
I enrolled as a non-traditional student in 2012
as a recipient of a Dean's Fellowship.
I graduated in 2016 with a double Masters.

At SCAD, I developed an artistic practice, producing art in different media
from digital, to body adornment, to sculpture and installation. 
I developed a business model that supported my plan 
to aggregate my modes of expression, 
and I developed business strategies 
to accompany my self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem. 

Today I am an Transdisciplinary Artist 

I have an insatiable curiosity,
and I am always researching to satisfy this curiosity.
I am interested in everything from art, love, poetry, nature,
 alchemy, history, writing, tech, science,
technology, metaphysics, the future, et al.

No matter where my research takes me,
everything I focus on overlaps, fuses and synthesizes

Every thread leads me back to the heart of me and who I am
In all my creative endeavors,
inspiration comes in the form of mises-en-scène 
I am not interested in Big Data, patterns, algorithms
I exist in the anomaly
It is my milieu
monicaseggoslosangeles at gmail dot com

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