I think perfume is more than just an accessory for a woman.
It's part of her aura.
I wear it even when I'm alone.
Elizabeth Taylor

Perfume is known as the invisible accessory.  Your choice of perfume
 can have as much of an impact on your style as anything else
in your wardrobe. 

Searching for the perfect scent is just like searching for the perfect lover.
It is not their perfection you are seeking, 
it is how perfectly tuned they are to your heart.
Your scent is an expression of who you are, your heart.
When you finally find The One, you will say,
"This is it!  This is who I am"

For a long time, I wore Niki de Saint Phalle perfume.  
One day, I developed an allergy to it, and I was never able to wear it again.
It took me 6 years until I found the scent I wear now.
The One.

It is not Chanel No. 5, nor is it Dior J'Adore.
Instead, it is one of the most universally panned scents in the industry,
but it is Me. 
The perfume that is right for you makes you memorable.
Years later people will say to you, 
"I smelled your perfume the other day and thought of you."

Styling tip:  always wear perfume on a date.
There is no greater compliment than,
"I love the way you smell."

Never settle until you find The One.