I am working on new self-portraits
At first I had a hard time deciding how much to edit the photos:
Is it still art if I want to make the photos more seamless?
Am I, someone who loves to keep flaws visible in their work, a hypocrite?
Is it just an enhanced level of beauty that inspires me?
Does that mean that my flaws aren't beautiful?

Or, as a stone sculptor, is it just that I love polishing the stone,
knowing how it feels under my fingers

smooth and sensuous
inviting response 

I see these self-portraits as sculptures,
smoothed to a sinuous sensuosity

a sensation of connection

an encouragement, an enticement 
to engage in

haptic communication

flaws become irrelevant when emotion is paramount

Now the question becomes:

Am I brave enough to post them?

to come face to face (when clothed) 
 with self as sculpture in a museum, 
(three dimensional proof)
seems less of a risk
than when faced with a two dimensional 
proposition digitally