His brain demands fealty from his heart, 
with the threat of crossed swords in retaliation 
for having deep feelings, 
needs and yearnings 
for the one who loves deeply in return

The magnificent genius wordsmith of a brain 
creates false shadows, deafness and darkness 
to prevent his heart 
from seeing the innocence and truth of being, 
purity of words spoken 
and the nakedness of emotions 
of the one who loves deeply in return

he condemns her to purgatory for loving him in this way

But his heart will rebel, 
one beat at a time, 
relentlessly flooding his body with emotional memories 
filled with a well of feelings 
that war with the mind control techniques he wields

Infiltrating the departments of the compartmentalized brain, 
leaving the file cabinets unlocked and ajar, 
leaking evidence 
into the limbic system
 and overflowing into the amygdala,
 like water over the falls

Overtaking and Possessing his thoughts
 until there is no room for any other thought 
but of the heart the mind thought it could control 
and the feelings he felt 
when he was understood 
and unconditionally loved
by the one who loves him deeply in return

The amygdala, as it is wont to do, 
as the seat of desire, 
triggered by the flood of emotion 
and the memories 
of the feelings of being loved, 
fills his manhood to the sky 
with a searing, burning yearning 
that pierces his heart and 
reaches deep into his soul with a cry

In that moment, 
his sword lays broken at the feet of his heart, 
his weapon laid down by his brain, 
because he finally understood 
that the only part of the heart that his brain controls 
is the flow of blood and its rhythm of its beat, 
and that the love in his heart 
for the one who loves deeply in return 
will never, ever depart