I love the weather in Los Angeles
The sun warms me:  body, mind, heart and soul 
my spirit, my emotional self

I have been living with Lyme Disease since 1991
One of my symptoms is extreme sensitivity
to the cold.  I suffer terribly in dampness and humidity.  

I moved here two and a half years ago, 
and my body has been very happy since.
It is nice and dry here, and
the sun is warm even in the wintertime

I am also very sensitive to light and need 
to be exposed to it on a daily basis.
I suffer from Seasonal affective disorder 
but haven't experienced the symptoms since I moved here
The light in LA has a soothing and magical quality about it 
It is too bright to look at, 
but that means I can absorb it indirectly, 
even in the shade, and still get my fill

Two major stressors have been removed,
and it has made a huge difference to my quality of life