I just woke up from a dream of you

I am here for you
I am with you heart and soul
I care deeply about your hopes and dreams
the strength of your masculinity
your heart of gold
like no one else you will ever know
I want all of them to come true
I KNOW you know what I am saying
I love you
the place for you in my life
is wide open
where you will always feel like
you belong
a sense of belonging 
of being loved so intensely
that there is such a trust on your part
which allows you to relax, rest
and be yourself
in YOUR space
where you are always free
within the circle of my arms
in the space of my love
with a sense of peace and calm
you are not alone because
I am here
here, where you can be you
where you can be you
and always feel loved
loved for who you are
never having to hide
nothing to prove
where you are safe
wild and free
I stand by your heart and soul
with a fierce love and protection
I am here for you

love is all there is