coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, 
indicating that communication (particularly written language), 
or in some interpretations, 
administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, 
is a more effective tool than direct violence. (wikipedia)

yes, words can be used in the above manner

but make no mistake
words are weapons
words with someone you would never raise arms against 
speak of love and joy
"L'escrimeuse" by French Impressionist painter Jean Beraud
weapons are down 
or stored away
expressions of emotions
hold sway
in order
to listen
to cherish
to hear what they have to say

your chest wide open  
a bared heart and soul
 you are not expecting
the lash of 

to slash down on you
this day
the sword
its aim true
slices your heart in twain


the strength
of these weapons
the words remain

 Their final say

permanently etched on paper
ingested by your eyes
undigested by your spirit
 memories of them are like acid
a perpetual burn
insidious to your soul

will these words ever,
just go away

what has greater sway than words that are weapons
what can you say
there is no defense
you cannot change the way a person sees you
and believes you to be
you cannot prove to them that you are not what they see
that you are different
that you don't see life that way

there is nothing you can do, nothing you can say

the only thing you can do is remain intrepid

keep being your loving self
with unwavering
steadfastness, constancy

and remember the words of Mae: