here they are
all cast and set to dry!
this is another set of multiples for the first floor of the gallery
I am very excited about how they are all coming together

 ex votos are my inspiration for this set

ex voto (short for ex voto suscepto, “from the vow made”) 
designates a Catholic votive offering placed in a church or shrine in thanksgiving for a miracle received. The custom of offering gifts to deities or spirits to propitiate or thank them for their protection goes back to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. In Etruscan and Roman temples, gifts, called donaria, were hung on the walls next to statues of divinities, placed next to a sacred tree, and hung or buried around sacrificial altars (Pizzigoni 5). Eventually incorporated into Christian religion, the custom became a touching expression of faith in “the invisible thread that links humanity to the supernatural” (Tripputi 38).

“The premise of the Catholic ex voto is the vow,” the solemn promise supplicants make, in a moment of great hardship, to give public thanks to a particular Saint if he/she intervenes to avert disaster; the ex voto, in turn, is “the concrete testimonial of that vow’s fulfillment,” an object that stands as the material representation of the miracle itself (Pizzigoni 4). 

from Understanding Ex Votos by Mariolina Rizzi Salvatori

my ex votos are not meant to have a religious association
rather, they are meant to be tangible expressions 
of the fulfillment of gratitude, love, hope
or any other personal meaning
that the work evokes

they are also talismanic in nature
imbued with the love and gratitude
that I have poured into them when I am creating them