can't seem to connect my iPhone to my computer
so I can upload my photos from the shoot yesterday

I am too tired to fight technology so I will tell you a story

as I mentioned before, my move to LA was terrifying
I didn't have a place to live when I first moved here
I was staying at an Airbnb in Little Tokyo 
for the month of December so I could look for
a place in The Arts District

the place I was staying in was more than a little horrifying
 I didn't complain, but made the best of it
 it made me hyper aware of every moment that went by

I knew that there were others that came before me
under the same circumstances
who made successes of themselves and their lives

I doubt they complained either

anyway, I was alone for Christmas
in the midst of this hyperawareness and horrifyingness 
of my lodgings
I got a call from a friend at the holiday
someone who I hadn't heard from by phone in a very long time
someone I missed terribly
and more than anything, someone I wanted to see

"where are you?"
they asked
I told them
and they were so shocked*
they hung up on me

was the word 

I wrote it down

in the next few days I went to the art store 
to get a pad I could draw some graffiti sketches on 
with my new markers I had found

I was talking to my aunt and wouldn't go into the store
until I had gotten off the phone
so I waited outside until I was finished (about an hour!)

finally I went in and took my time 
getting lost in looking at all the supplies
with some help, I found the pad I needed

there was someone at the register before me
and we started chatting
turns out he was an artist too
he was visiting LA with his two sons 
in hopes of moving here also

we all walked outside together,
still chatting
we stopped outside the shop
and he introduced me to his sons
this is so and so (I forget his name)
and this is
(I did not forget his name)

I know for a fact I just stared at him
without saying anything
all the thoughts running through my head
"how could that be?
who has the name Thunder?
what?  are you sure that's your name?"

it felt like 5 minutes that I stared at him,
my mouth agape, I am sure
finally I realized I was likely being rude
and I shook his hand (in a daze)

when I walked away,
I went through my day, minute by minute
thinking about how every second 
lead up to my being there in that moment in time
and I was in total awe

I too 
was thunderstruck

I made a sketch of the word and posted it on my Instagram

I knew in that moment
that here in LA
no matter what
I was right where I was supposed to be