Announcing my upcoming show
at StARTup Fair, Los Angeles
The Kinney Venice Beach
 737 West Washington Blvd, Venice, CA, 90292
Room 306
January 26-28, 2018

Who is the voyeur? The Observer?  Or The Self?   
This body of work explores Self-Voyeurism 
and the pursuit of fame and fortune via the image of Self:   
an individual’s obsession with the image of Self, 
responding to the societal obsession with the image of other, 
and the marketing and promotion of the image of Self 
to develop into a personal brand in order to monetize.  

The installation will have a performance component
 in which I portray an Instagram personality. 
All of my installations are site responsive, 
and the hotel as location for a behind the scenes tableau 
enables the room to become the secondary character in the performance, 
as if an Instagram feed come to life.   
The hotel room is a perfect mise-en-scène 
for the voyeuristic perspective 
of the development and production of the image of Self.   

The art show attendees are The Observers 
who become the voyeurs of the Self-Voyeur in action. 
Attendees will have full access to all of what constitutes 
the Instagram personality's environment, 
including the bathroom and closet.    
There will be digital art, videos, fashion, gifs, sculpture,
prints and paintings as décor befitting the Instagram personality.  
 The artwork surrounds the Instagram personality
 reflects the issues that have arisen 
as a result of her focus on monetizing her image of Self.

Throughout the performance, I will be taking selfies and other images, 
posting to Instagram, Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. 
This allows the online following 
to participate as Observer (voyeur) of the performance as well.  

A profusion of blurred lines 
permeate and infuse