I didn't get to The Kinney to take a look at the room
until two days before the show
because I was so busy
I had a set-up in mind
but then I found out that we wouldn't be able to
move the beds because they were bolted to the floor
I didn't know what I was going to do
the day before the show, 
it all came to me and I realized I had to bring my studio
with me
So I brought everything that would fill the space
and make it immersive for the viewer
I had to alter the concept in order to fit the space
to make it site responsive
rather than trying to change the space
to fulfill the concept
I welcomed each visitor to my room
letting them know they were getting a behind the scenes look
at an Instagram personality,
I told them my Instagram feed
only showed one side of myself,
the public persona 
Here in this room, 
I was revealing to them things 
I would never post on Instagram
 everything on the wall was personal and private to me 
every item carrying memory and meaning
and as a whole was autobiographical
I did not reveal any purpose or meaning to any of the items
unless someone asked
Only then I revealed the meaning to them   
Some people really took a good long look at the items
and others just took in the overall installation
Those who looked at this wall of poetry read
poems on loneliness
poems about being a single mom that I had written
 in May of 1995 when my son was almost 3
I have never shown anyone these poems before
everyone loved the poetry
the response was really, really incredible
I am so pleased