Monica Seggos by Mido Lee Productions
Self-Voyeur (2018)
A behind the scenes look at an Instagram personality
Self-voyeurism:  the viewer is both observer and object of the observer
We are transitioning from watching and looking at images of others 
to looking at images of ourselves, and Instagram is a contributing factor. 
As am I.
The Instagrammers with the most followers 
tend to post highly curated images of self within highly curated feeds. 
How many selfies does it take to get the one that I want you to see?
In this installation, I am inviting you to immerse yourself in an image 
(in the form of a mise-en-scène)
that reflects a more complete picture of who I am. 
Everything on the walls is very private and personal, 
holds memory and meaning, is autobiographical 
and are parts of me I would never share on Instagram.
I am inviting you to be the voyeur of the self-voyeur in action
Event photographer Mido Lee of Mido Lee Productions, 
captures the essence of intimacy, staging, 
and absorption in the production of self image
 that I wanted to convey.