What do Instagram personalities do? They take selfies
No matter what happens behind the scenes, you have to show up.
Sunday morning of the Startup Art Fair I woke up with a swollen face. 
I have Lyme disease and Lone Star tick disease. 
Lone Star tick disease causes my face, hands, and legs to swell 
when there is an excess of histamine in my system. 
I never know when I will suffer an attack, nor where on my body it will show up. 
Facial swelling, particularly of the lips is extremely unsightly, even frightening to look at. 
Especially when it is me looking at myself. 
An excess of histamine can be caused by eating certain foods
 and exacerbated by exhaustion and/or stress. 

Sunday morning the swelling was on the right side of my face. 
I had already taken some antihistamines late Saturday night 
(luckily for me there was a 24 hour Walgreens down the street from The Kinney) 
The dose was not enough to stop the swelling from coming back. 

There was no way I was NOT going to open my doors for the show that day, 
and I made the decision to show up no matter what. 

Here is my selfie at about 11:30 (doors opened at noon). 
I tried my best to hide the swelling, but if you look closely you can see it. 

Right after this shot, the swelling started moving to my lips. 
I was really discouraged about opening the doors and having to show myself like this. 
My friend Beverley, who came all the way from SF to see my show, 
told me to call her doctor husband to see if there was anything he could do. 
I did, and he told me to take a second dose of the antihistamine 
because it would work and would not harm me. 
So I did and sure enough, the swelling went down 
and by 2pm I was back to normal, though extremely tired from the medicine. 

I had a wonderful time with all the visitors, 
and I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for anything. 

That's what happens behind the scenes of an Instagram personality.
The show must go on