a couple of months ago
my son said to me,
you really should start working out again.
You look great now, 
but you are going to get those
saggy underarms in the future if you don't work out"
I have always had a work out,
almost daily since I was a teenager,
but the past several years
I have had extreme exhaustion
from my tick borne illnesses
and I haven't been able to.
one weekend, my friend and her husband
were here from San Francisco
and out of the blue, he ended up telling me about
the 7 minute workout he does using an app
I thought, I can do 7 minutes.
I did a bunch of research on it and found
that most of the people who did videos on
the effectiveness of the workout,
said it didn't work
But I thought I would try anyway,
to see if it did anything for me
I hit my 60th workout!
the workout consists of 10 exercises
at 30 seconds each
with a 10 second rest interval:
jumping jacks
wall sit
abdominal crunch
step up onto chair
push up
triceps dip on chair
high knees running in place
today I tried a new workout
on the app and may start switching them out
or just add another to the day
for 14 minutes
for me, it has been transformative!
I definitely feel stronger,
especially in my core and legs
(and no saggy arms, Robbie!)
I am sleeping better and
just have an overall glow
thanks Robert!