the process of change or adoption
(for me)
-become conscious of the need to change
-research how other people have accomplished this
-find a method/methods that resonate with me
-apply the method (s)
-experience results
-adopt the method that is getting results
-wholeheartedly dig into applying the method
-keep going
-stop experiencing results
-want to give up
-reread the research for confirmation the method did work for others
-dig deep in my soul for ways not to give up
-look for signs I am still on the right path 
-keep going
-still don't experience results
-doubt, agonize, question my life
-why me???? (or, why not me????)
-I keep going
-one day I notice a change in my self
-BUT, the change has not yet occurred in my thoughts
-is this EVER going to happen for me???? 
-I keep going
-I don't experience results
-I keep going
-I keep wholeheartedly applying the method
-I keep going
-I keep going
-I keep going
-there is nothing to show me I am on the right track
-I keep going
-no way will I quit now
-I keep going
-I keep going
-one day I wake up and I notice that I haven't had the thought
-I keep going to make sure the thought is really gone
 -the thought has gone
-I did it

I am no longer who I was,
I am who I am 

only because I didn't give up