tonight, I see the possibility
that the love
I feel is from my feelings alone
what wonderful feelings
they have been
of unconditional love
and understanding,
a deep and abiding love,
 bursting forth from me
every feeling so real and true
that I am in awe
that my heart is the source
of something so magical
so mystical 

a love that fills
my entire being  
joy, happiness, and pleasure 
so real, so palpable
as to transform my being
from the inside out

and it is mine
it is of me
it is me
it is who I am
that love
given so freely
and fully
asking nothing in return
not even an acknowledgement 
of its existence

a love
that above all
wishes only joy, happiness 
and freedom
not ownership
title or acknowledgement

no hurricane, earthquake, famine nor fire
has been able to quench
the flame within my heart
has been able to alter
my perception

is as he has always been to me
tho the love I feel
might be mine alone