This show is dedicated to Curator Katie Gass who brought me down to Art Basel for the first time in 2009 (I think!) and who taught me that art was what I wanted it to be. This visit and subsequent ABMB visits were one of the catalysts for enrolling in The Savannah College of Art and Design

This installation was conceived of and shown twice during my last quarter at SCAD. I credit my fellow students and my professor Lanelle Keyes who participated in my installation and showed me the value of my work and SCAD President Paula Wallace for changing people's lives with her amazing school.

Here I am coming full circle. I am over the moon about the opportunity to be able to return to Miami with my own installation.  Thank you Brian Whiteley of Satellite Art Show for making this possible.

(I have also shown this installation in Los Angeles with Schelsey of @leiminspace , my first show here in LA❤️ and in Venice with Sunny Bak. I am very grateful to you both! And a shout out Ray Beldner of Startup Art Fair)

I can't go without expressing my gratitude to my son Robbie , my mom, and my friends Beverley and Holly who never stopped believing me and to Rebecca Gardner who first introduced me to SCAD and to Laura Lane McKinnon for all her support while I was in Savannah and much more.

And to you.

I know this sounds like an Oscar speech, but I am not able to take credit for getting here on my own.