I told my friend Beverley about my plan to shoot and style
my own editorials
She offered me the use of her camera,
bought new for her by her husband in 1998
All I had to do was drive to Santa Monica
and pick up the camera from her son
It is a Nikon AF 8008
Look at all the lenses!!! 
It turned out that the batteries 
had exploded in the camera,
so it wasn't working. 
Today I took the camera to repairs
at Samy's Camera on Fairfax
The gentleman who helped me has worked at Samy's
for 26 years
He told me how unbelieveably lucky I am 
with the lenses
He said they are exactly the set (altho upgraded)
for his camera. 
Among them is a macro, a wide angle
and (the best of the set) a 105 2.5
which is used for portraiture
He cleaned out the battery case 
and got it working again
He said it is in excellent working condition
I am SO blessed
Thank you Beverley
I love you
I will make sure my fashion photography
is worthy of your gift
of loaning me your camera
And thank you
Samy's Camera
Every photographer I know and have worked with
In LA goes to Samy's
I am excited to be part of the family