How do I totally and completely surrender my whole being to my life so that I can truly live? How do I fling myself into the void so that I may shed all of what is not me? How do I tear my heart from my chest and offer it up to the ravening gods of love and destruction so that I may be transformed? How do I burn the flesh off my body so that I may be seared by the flames of the raging fire in my soul? How do I strip my spirit of all my masks and rid my person of all the contortions of self-annihilation so that the purity of the depths of me blinds me with its piercing rays? How do I rise from this burning agony, this hell of my own making, with the buoyancy of joy thrumming through my veins so that I am lifted out of this miasma of horror? How do I reveal all that is me in every single god given moment of this precious gift that is my life? How do I do it God? Show me the way! Throw me to the lions so they may maul, gnash and devour every last ounce of my self-tyranny.  Beat me to a pulp in the grinder, and hold the cover down tightly whilst I'm in the pulsating, crushing machine so that I may drain the remaining poisoned liquids of self-hatred and self-abnegation from my essence
purify me NOW
 so that I may LIVE in passion
so that I may LOVE with abandonment