Be, Do & Have

Sparkling with a dash of fiery fearlessness
Iridescent with infinite opulence
Opalescing pure joy 
Luminous love and transcendent sexual expression
Dazzling with radical and revelatory self-expression
Piercing the shimmering clouds with sparkling laughter
Sensuous immersion in the brilliance of beauty
Inhabiting the enchantment of femininity through lustrous sinuosity
Luscious revelation through scintillating adornment
Inhaling transcendence amidst the splendour of twinkling stars
A bioluminescent heart, shimmering with passion and gleaming of hearth and home  
Ebullient devotion to the radiant self and reverence for the glorious cosmos
Shining with the magnificence of stalwart courage 
Effervescing boundless trust
Ablaze with the untamed passions of a galactic heart 
Gambolling, cavorting and romping, engaging in
adventures, shenanigans, larks, antics and capers, stimulating vivaciousness
Bubbling with gratitude, revelling in the gift of an incandescent life