With the song of my breath
I call out to you

In my light
I search the depths
Of midnight 
For you

Who are already formed
In my mind

In my heart

I cannot see my self
In this darkness
For in this watery abyss
I know not my own shape
I know only the vastness
Of what lies before me
From the source
Of light within
And the source without
That is above

The purpose of
My fathomless journey 
Is to meet with you
So that we can become one
Balanced in creation
Our selves melded
To manifest that which expresses
Our love

The silence 
Is broken only by the length
Of my breath

Above mine own
From the unknown
I can hear the song of yours
Whose timbre echoes through
My bones

With my light
My breath
And a purpose
I move towards you
Feeling the truth of your
Only in the beat
Of my heart

In a moment
The light expands around me
The darkness 
is broken

And there. 

Is you

In our melding
Our lights become one
And in creation
We become
A universe
Out of which

A new world