the unfurling of a nature mystic

I rise before the dawn
to the symphony of the winged song
the mist brightens
the crescendo deafens
and my heart inhales the day
lured by anticipation
of imminent seduction,
I surrender to the ecstasy
shed the liminality
and embrace the naked way
yearning towards ascent
particles of fog
settle into the emptiness left in my wake
scents of morning intoxicate my being
shuttered eyes aloft
arms flung to the sky
receptivity envelops me
intensifies my surrender

and delivers me

descent into silence unbroken
mute in solitude and reverie
the fog breaks
the sun warms my face
dirt drips downhill,
the sound of falling rain
yet again fulfilled
I emerge from the mirror
my spirit expands
and unfurls the space of me