Its Existence Leads to Other Beneficial Results (2020)

When I was a little girl, I loved my scissors. I was always cutting pictures out of magazines
 and kept a file for the time I would be able to use them.
 At the onset of Coronavirus, I have found myself going back to my scissors. 
I have been cutting up all of my magazines, art auction catalogues and comics. 
My scissors are extremely sharp, and I find the whole process to be extremely soothing.
 I have been doing some digital collages as well but am finding that I am more challenged in the physical process
. I don't have a printer, so I'm not able to resort to printing out images I search out.
 I can only rely on the images I am finding in the magazines. 
Just as with my digital collages, my process is from a sculptural perspective, 
even though the end result is 2D. 
(For my class with Anastasia Grigoryeva at IFA Paris)