I’ve been taking a lot of comic book classes
during the coronavirus
Last week, I did an artist residency with CAMP and artist Gabrielle Bell
Usually the residency is in the mountains outside Toulouse,
but, you know, Covid
It was an amazing group of people online from all over the globe
Gabrielle stressed that comics
are autobiographical, and they make you feel something
(right up my alley!!)
I just posted my comic, I and Me,
mixing it with collage, which Gabrielle loved
I like that her style is so personal,
 and I like the idea I can add this to my automediality repertoire
In my other classes, I am looking towards creating a female character
that is more traditional (Marvel) in style
It is taking a lot of time and effort,
because I am learning anatomy
I also love Pulp Fiction book covers,
and have wanted to paint some of my own
So the effort I am putting into learning how to draw the figure
is time well spent