Metamorphosis (digitally transformed paper collage) 2020
Within the deepest of woods, 
amongst the moss draped rocks and trees adorned with the odor of fungus and dank,
there hangs a chrysalis.
The chrysalis fractures, 
breaking the silence that echoes with the music of descending drops of rain. 
The air fills with a waft of bergamot and ylang ylang, 
merged with the tang of blood, 
and falls, melding with the scent of the woods.
The rebirth disseminates on the back of the moisture laden air
 and blankets the terrain.

Exploring how to bring emotions and presence to absence 
with visuals and words over the ether 
in an attempt to make this an immersive experience 
 (like my physical installations). 
All the collages I've been making are studies. 
It's not how they look or present as art. 
Instead I'm inviting you to feel the wonder of being in that space
as if it were real.