I am consciously working on expanding my Environmental Art practice. The focus of Environmental Art is the artist's relationship with Nature.  I have been really struggling to find the words to describe my practice as well as consider its context within art history. I am just beginning to recognize that my work is a fusion of elements present in both Symbolism and Romanticism.  This is one of my favorite Romantic nature paintings, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich. I love that the wanderer exists within the work, because, for me, it means that the wanderer's point of view is being emphasized.

I also love the work of Ansel Adams. Although there are no figures in his photographs I find them to be just as evocative. 

While in Nature, I experience Stendahl Syndrome, and I want to convey this sense of awe in my work. Rather than attempting to influence or judge another or provide social commentary, I am merely sharing the deep love and respect I feel. I prefer to speak of the glory of nature, its astounding beauty and the emotions it evokes in me. To me, beauty is Nature’s greatest asset. 

Nature is my inspiration, and it reveals who I am in the work I create. From this perspective, I am claiming my individuality.