Dear Sun, Thank you.  2020 Still shot by Badir McCleary from drone performance 
This work is from a series called, "Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Aether" Each drone performance focuses on one of the elements of Nature. Badir and I have completed "Earth", "Fire" and "Water"  in the series so far. 

"Dear Sun, Thank You" focuses on the healing power of the sun and is the element of Fire. I have lived with the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease since 1991. When I moved to Los Angeles from the East Coast, my suffering eased from being in the warm, dry and sunny climate.

These works would not be possible without Badir's talented filmmaking. During lockdown, I was looking for ways to transcend the boundaries of the stay at home order. Badir's drone work from the BLM protests inspired my idea of drone performances. We are equal artists on this project