"Self Sovereign", from my genesis collection on KnownOrigin, tells the story of how I became a cryptoartist from being on Clubhouse. If you have ever seen my IRL work, you might wonder how my post-NFT work relates to it, because it is so different. 
Photo by Amruta Patil 

This image by Amruta Patil is from "The Broken Heart Repair Shop". I had one + wondered why there wasn't a place to get help. There is a shop for everything eles but!, including a car repair shop, which this is based on. As Nurse Candy I sat down with everyone who wanted to share their story. They shared their deepest woes + at the end I wrote a prescription of how to recover.

Photo by Mido Lee Productions
"Self-Voyeur" is a behind the scenes perspective on an Instagram influencer. This body of work explores the monetization + promotion of the image of self-an individual’s obsession with her own image, responding to the societal obsession with the image of other.
Photo by Mido Lee Productions
My installations are immersive. The intention is that the audience is within the space, like being behind the scenes, IN the scene of a film set.
It All Started Here
In Clubhouse, I listened to @CryptoSteveWand @RyanCrucible and @irvinxyz speak on the ethos of the space. I read all the white papers. I realized that my work on the blockchain would be forever.
My Art Studio in the Metaverse 

I knew then that I could only put work on the blockchain that represented permanence. My work would be about my dreams, my imagination + how I see the world. So the work you see is what I hope to be, not what I am, nor what I was.