The Big Bang in The White Hole (The Phocells Remix) 2024 Digital Collage/Painting

"Each cell is its own story, dimension, and sign of light and life." Photon Tide

White Holes are believed to exist even though they remain unseen. To me, photons are evidence that at some macro level, White Holes do exist. In the vast reaches of space, it makes sense that, like a photon, a White Hole is just too small to be detected.

The blueprint for our life journey lives in our cells. Cells detect light, and I believe our cells are constantly encouraging us to move towards the light in order to fulfill our destinies.

For my Phocells Remix, I removed the background from "The Cell" and erased all the cells that were not whole. I removed all the color from the remaining healthy cells, and shrank them down to fit in the center of the White Hole. There, they absorb the light. When they are at their peak of brightness, The Big Bang occurs and sends pure healing light out into the Universe. Traveling at the speed of light, the photons reach our cells, giving us life and reminding us of who we are meant to be.

CC0 Photon Tide