My contribution to
The Disappearing Birds of North America project
by Jen De los Reyes 
The Black-legged Kittiwake, 2024 (Digital collage and text on photograph) 

Monica Seggos (London/Los Angeles) is a Greek-American artist focusing on process oriented, narrative based Site-Responsive projects in Environmental, Digital, Performance and Installation Art. In her Environmental Art, she shares her love for the beauty and majesty of Nature. Immersion in the wild is the panacea for all her woes, bringing joy and healing to her life experience. 
She believes that birds are emotional support animals.

Monica used to see the Black-legged Kittiwake during her sunrise hikes on the South Shore of Nantucket Island in Winter (especially during high seas on blustery days). The backdrop of the artwork is a photograph she captured of a spectacular December morning in 2021 while on island during the Covid lockdown. She collaged images of Kittawakes from various antique paintings that she found during her research and added an excerpt from the poem “The Kittiwakes” by Celia Baxter.

“Like white feathers blown about the rocks,
Like soft snowflakes wavering in the air,
Wheel the Kittiwakes in scattered flocks,
Crying, floating, fluttering everywhere.

(more artwork from this project upcoming, including videos. Stay tuned!)