Today I am feeling inspired by straight jackets.  As a piece of clothing, they are a form of restriction that is imposed on you.   A corset is also restrictive, and in historic terms one could argue that the wearing of the corset was imposed upon women by the dictates of fashion and social mores.  However, the idea of the corset can bring up an image of sensual beauty, whereas the idea of a straight jacket can bring up an image of imprisonment, of being controlled, of suppression.  To me straight jackets are beautiful.  I love all the buckles and straps and the materials they are made of.  I could be inspired to design a collection around a straight jacket.  I am also interested in Restriction as a concept. I see straight jackets as physical manifestations of things we experience on a daily basis-being trapped in a job or relationship, or just trapped within ourselves.  The jacket below belonged to Houdini.  Houdini was seen as an escape artist, but I see him as an artist who could demonstrate the process of becoming free from restrictions.  I am going to explore this concept further in my artwork.