I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest-not just for my work, but for my heart and soul.  In a lot of ways, Pinterest has made me a better editor, which helps me in all of my creative endeavors.  I feel that Pinterest is a great way to get to know someone-the collections of images reveal different sides of our personalities and presented as a whole can represent the whole person.  I use the "Send" button a lot to email pins that I know people I love will enjoy.  I don't pin any humour, but I sure follow the humor boards-they make me laugh out loud-and they are one of my favorite pins to send.

Here is one of my pins from today:

I pinned it on my Art board, but I also could have pinned on my Jewelry board, or my Headpieces board because this photo inspires me in all those ways.  

Please follow me on Pinterest!  Thank you :)